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Blog post titles play a very important role in SEO and ranking your posts with Google search page results, If you have very good and appealing post titles then chances are very more that visitors will click on your blog link so it very essential to write seo friendly post titles for your blog post to increase free traffic

Not only this benefits in getting natural organic traffic but also your Google adsense earnings might go up pretty rapidly earlier when I was a newbie and wasn’t knowing much about SEO and how to write SEO friendly post titles at that time I used to post in ordinary way like hundreds are writing their post titles for their blog
Consequences were that I was not ranking well in search results as well as the traffic to my blog post were very less So I did some homework and learned some amazing tips on how to write attractive and SEO friendly post titles to increase blog traffic 

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10 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Post Titles


1.  First decide what is your blog post going to be and what might be the possible keywords that I want to rank well in SRP’s (Search engine results pages)

2. Then do some research regarding your keywords like how much is the competiton for the keyword, It should not very high personally I prefer below 30,000 competition

3. After you find suitable keyword for your blog post then place those targated keywords at the beginning of your blog post title

4. It is not necessary that your title must open with keywords only but in most cases try to put your targeted keywords in beginning

5. Putting keywords at beginning of your posts title will not only grab your visitors attention but your chances of ranking high in Google will be more

6. Try to write titles in two parts like below are few examples

  • Abs Exercises-10 Best Abs Workouts to make 6 pack abs in a week
  • 10 Bodybuilding Tips To Gain Muscles Quickly
  • Best Tips To Increase Traffic with twitter
  • Untold Secrets of creating autopilot content for your blog
  • Top 7 Blogs to read if you want to get monthly Adsense Checks etc

7) It all depends how good are your writing skills try to write as much as appealing and eye catching titles

8) Remember that if your titles are like many hundreds are writing then you might lose precious traffic for your blog posts with some practice you can write good seo friendly titles for your posts

9) Try to include these common words like Top 10 ways, Best Tips, Killer Tips, Secret For and many other you can come out with some other great opening for your post titles

10) Blog post titles are the very first thing which the visitors read when they are searching in Google for any thing if they find that your post will help then solve their problem then I am sure they will click and come to your blog for reading your post

So these are 9 tips on how to write SEO friendly post titles to increase free traffic to your blog, So if you like this post do subscribe to get more SEO tips and tricks and keep Blogging



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