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If you want to get online visibility in the internet, you should follow any of the search engine optimization techniques.  One of the powerful Search Engine Optimization technique is blog posting.  Blogging helps webmasters to increase their website’s traffic, make their website visible in the search engine results etc.  In this article you will get some tips to create the blog post.

1]       Blogging is a technique through which you can drive traffic to your website from another site.  WordPress and Google offer free blogging platforms which can be utilized to create traffic to your site.  Through blogging you can create backlinks to your website generating more traffic and visibility in the search engines.  There are other free blogging services available in the internet apart from google and wordpress.

2]       Blogging is writing a valuable content and posting it in blogging sites.  At the end of the content you will also leave your domain link.  So, if your content is informative and if the user feels that it is worthy, then he may visit your site.  The content should bring solution to the problems faced by the user.  For example, if you are a dentist, you can write blogs on “how to get rid of tooth ache naturally”.  So, the user who reads the blogging tips will visit your website to know more on dental ailments and its treatment.  Thus, blogging builds relationship between customers and the webmasters.

Tips to create your blog post with SEO concept

Keyword – Select a keyword for your blog with the help of google keyword research tool.  Google changes the keyword algorithm frequently.  So, complete research is required while choosing the keyword.

Title – Once the keyword is ready for your business, select a suitable title for your blog.  The title should be framed using the keyword or keyphrase once.

Form paragraphs – Start writing your blog that is related to your business and the title.  Insert the keyword in the first and last line of your blog.  The blog should be easy and pleasing to look.  So, form short paragraphs.  The content should be very informative and creative.  As I said earlier, the content should be offering solution to your customer.  The keyword should be repeated 7 to 8 times in your content.  The average keyword density to inspire the search engine spider is 2 to 3% of the keyword content.

Image – Never forget to upload an image for your blog post.

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Tags – Add header tags, meta tags to your blog to have good effect in search engine result.

Anchor text links – Include 4 to 5 anchor text links in your blog post.  Pick up the keywords for your blog post from the popular blogs that is related to your business.  Find out the blogs that is having popularity in the internet and choose the keywords from these blogging sites.  Use these keywords to create your anchor text link.

The above SEO tips on blogging if followed will yield good result to your website in search engines.  Blogging can generate high volume of traffic to a site that is not doing well in the search engines.



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