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Most business owners and novice web developers want to know if WordPress is a safer option for eCommerce websites. Well, WordPress is not fundamentally designed for eCommerce. So if the aim is to sell on a website, it is important to make use of a theme and plugins to tap into that specific functionality. Another option is to code the entire thing from scratch. However, just because the platform isn’t eCommerce ready naturally, it isn’t any less for building your online store.

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What are the actual concerns most eCommerce organizations have when deciding on WordPress for building online store?

– Listed below are some of them:

– Limitations on the size of store

– Limitations of features and functionalities

– Security of platform itself

However, these are no serious concerns because a number of WordPress plugins today are capable of handling the issues. Upfront by WPMU DEV also support WooCommerce and MarketPress plugins. Hence, eCommerce-friendly themes are also taken care of.

Are you still concerned about safety of eCommerce? Here are some very important points and recommendations by reputed website designing agency to put your mind at ease:

WordPress comes equipped with the following security covers:

– Security plugins (Defender)

– SSL certificate integration

– Well-vetted WordPress themes

– Secure payment gateway integration

– Well-vetted plugins (such as MarketPress, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.)

– Stringent password

– Other important login requirements

You need to add most of these tools onto your WordPress installation. This is a good way to secure your online store. The WordPress project team will frequently crush minor releases with patches whenever any security issues get detected. They along with volunteer theme review team will carefully examine each new plugin and theme submitted to the repository. Once the security issues get detected, the team works directly with developers for cleaning up the underlying issue and release update to users accordingly.

WordPress Is Safe for eCommerce – The Proof

There are proofs that WordPress is safe for eCommerce (monetary transactions). There are several successful eCommerce websites running on WordPress regardless of what they sell. Online success of these websites has actually showed how reliable WordPress platform is for eCommerce. Here is a list of some of the eCommerce websites running successfully and securely on WordPress:


– Blue Star Coffee Roasters

– Edible Blossoms

– WooCommerce

– Laughing Squid

– OptinMonster


– Rotimatic

– Wakami Global

How to Secure WordPress Better for eCommerce Site?

Here’s what you can do to secure WordPress for your eCommerce site:

Compliance with PCI

You need to get a detailed understanding of all ins and outs of compliance with PCI in eCommerce.

Web Hosting

It is of great importance to use web hosting that efficiently supports eCommerce site. So this means there’s no shared hosting plan. The safe options are dedicated servers and VPS.

Content Delivery Network

Experts suggest that adding a CDN will effectively enhance overall speed. It will also add that much needed extra layer of security.

SSL Certificate

You must plan to get an SSL certificate. This is vital for supplying extra protection for transactions made by your customers.

eCommerce Platform

Despite the fact that your WordPress installation and host are secured, it is crucial to get hold of an eCommerce plugin that will supply a safer room for your users to buy products and services. Having a secure eCommerce plugin will help. These plugins are widely known for their compliance with PCI and security. Also use of trustworthy eCommerce plugins is a must especially while integrating advanced functionality to an online store.

Payment Gateway

Using payment gateways will help you create a more secure checkout for your visitors.

Order Management Software

Make it a habit of storing all sensitive info related to customer in a secured CRM only. You can also order some of the management software such as QuickBooks.

Monitoring of Transaction

Be vigilant about any transactions made (in and out) through the online store. Your customers won’t tolerate if they get hacked and none of your professionals managed to notice it. So make sure users input Card Verification Value (CVV) number of their card.


You need to be very careful about the user-generated content (UGC) allowed on your website such as blog comments, ratings, and reviews.

Online Scanner

This is helpful in checking a WordPress website for any vulnerability. You will come to know about any issues with code or third-party integrations to website along with many other things.

In a Nutshell

A WordPress eCommerce website will get as secure as you try and make it to be! The professional security team of WordPress works 24×7 to identify and patch any security issues luring in the core, there’s no way they can enforce updating of plugins or demand users to adhere to superior login practices.



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