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Many beginner bloggers think that why wordpress is better than blogger for blogging or why wordpress is better than blogger for SEO these are the two questions which keep popping up every now and then because if you will see that almost 90% of the blogs and websites are now build using wordpress platform but there also many bloggers who are using blogger as their blogging platform and think that blogger is better than wordpress since they are using blogger they think that it is best since it’s free and they don’t have to worry about hosting fees and buying premium themes. But then if blogger is so superior then majority of the blogs and websites on the internet are using wordpress and why most of the pro bloggers always say that wordpress is better than blogger.

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Well there must be some major advantages of using wordpress over blogger since I recently moved my blogger blog to wordpress and I am loving it and I want to tell you the reasons why wordpress is best platform and CMS for blogging and SEO. Friends I have use blogger in the past and presently I am having several blogs in blogger platform for testing purpose and I will continue to use it and Thanks for Google to provide such as useful blogging platform for those who can’t afford to buy web hosting space for their blogs but if you are going to invest in self hosted wordpress blogs then the advantages can be numerous which I am going to discuss in this blog post.

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Actually when I was using blogger at that time also I was wondering why most bloggers vouch for wordpress as better blogging platform than blogger but now when I am using it all my doubts were cleared So in this post I am going to share the major advantages and why you must also start using wordpress if you are still using blogger and I think that this post will also help newbie blogger who don’t realize how valuable is wordpress and how it can enhance their blogging skills So without wasting much time lets see

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogger For Blogging & SEO


1. Huge no of free Plugins –

This is one of the biggest reasons why almost most bloggers and website owners use wordpress over blogger because in wordpress you will get hundreds of free plugins which are really superb and literally saves lot’s of time and headache which is not present in blogger and that is why I also love wordpress more than blogger infact more than any other blogging platform out there.  

For example if you want to show related posts below blog posts then if you were using blogger then you have to get you hands on coding and breaking your head as to where I must paste the code so that it renders and properly displays the related posts below blog post area but with wordpress you can simply go to your wordpress dashbord then plugins and search for related posts and you will find hundreds of free plugins which will help you show related posts below blog post with a single click and there is no need to break your head

Seriously I don’t know about other but I really hated this when I was using blogger even for a simple task I was like wasting 30 to 40 minutes to make changes in my blogger template but with wordpress is just a matter of minutes and I am able to do the task much quickly.

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2.  SEO –

This is another hugh advantage why wordpress is better than blogger and I can say that if you want to make your blog more SEO friendly then switch it now because the templates codes are very clean and there are many SEO image plugins which can really reduce the size of your blog images which will help your blog to load really fast and this is one of the most important google ranking factors since users love fast loading website and they usually don’t wait for very long to load your blog.

Also there are other awesome SEO plugins like SEO by yoast which I use on this blog and it’s the only one plugin you need to take care of your SEO task and there are several other plugins like Wp- cache plugin which helps tremendously to reduce the loading time of your blog

Another benefits for beginner bloggers is that they usually get afraid with more technical terms like sitemap or robot.txt and meta description and title tags and if you are using blogger then you have to manually add these details and create sitemaps and edit robot. txt files but with wordpress if you are using SEO by Yoast plugin then you can do all these task in the settings tab which is great.

You can  easily add redirect from withing your wordpress editor by using various plugins like easy SEO redirection and if you are writing review post the you can use product review plugin to add star rating to your blog posts which will drastically increase your CTR

So the overall benefit of wordpress in terms of SEO is hugh than what we get in blogger in fact there is no way you can automate all these things in blogger and you have to do it manually.

3.  Awesome and Professional looking themes –

If you still have doubt about the features of wordpress then let me add more more advantage in favor of wordpress that you can get free professional and awesome looking themes in wordpress you just need to visit wordpress.org website and you can download free themes for you wordpress blog and there is huge collection of free wordpress themes which are awesome in terms of design and functionality but in blogger you have only few themes which literally thousands of other blogs must be using and you must be knowing that in order to rise above the crowd you must make your blog look different which makes it look more professional.

Also you can go for premium themes which enables more customization options along with various other build in functionality to make your blog look more professional and with the combination of free themes and free plugins you can make awesome and robust blog which will stand out from the rest of the blogs out there on the internet.

4.  Full control over you blog –

I am sure that you must have heard the instances of blogger that it deleted blogs without giving any prior notice to the webmaster and he loses all his hard work even though you can backup your blogger blog but still it’s a additional headache which can be completely eliminated if you are using wordpress. Why because if you are using blogger then all your content is hosted on Google servers and if they feel that you blog is violating their huge list of terms and conditions then they will simply delete your blog without any notice and this is very tragic for any blogger specially if you are having lot of posts.

But with wordpress you don’t have to worry about this and you will have full control over your blog and nobody can delete your blog unless you want to delete it which I guess you will not. I have seen this case and has happened with me once when I was hosting a fitness blog on blogger and I was literally searching on forums about this until I later came to know that I am not the only one who has became the victim of this and I am sure that many of you must be aware of this as well So to be on the safer side and keep your blog safe you must use wordpress over blogger.

5. Make money Blogging –

If you want to make money by blogging then surely you must use wordpress without any second thought because there are many popular advertising networks which accepts only wordpress blogs one of such advertising networks and most popular one is buysellads which accepts only wordpress blogs no matter how popular you blog is and it does not bother how good is your alexa rank they will simply reject your blog so if you are planning to make money via direct advertisements then definitely you must start blogging on wordpress.

Also if you are making money with google adsense then you will need to paste the google adsense code in your blogger template which is again not very pleasant but with wordpress you can manage to put adsense or any other ads code in your wordpress blog wherever you want and there are lots of plugins to do this and I am going to write an article about it also.

No matter you are planning to make money by blogging via google adsense, direct advertisments, sponsored posts, paid reviews or affiliate marketing then wordpress will help you a lots since it looks more professional and you chances to get approved by most of the advertising networks will increase and you will get more advertising deals than blogger.

6. Sell your blog –

Many times you think that I don’t have much ideas to blog about the topic or niche or there are times when you simply want to sell your blog and make some quick cash then in this case also wordpress will give you a helping hand because nobody will buy your blogger blog with few exceptions but majority of the buyers look after wordpress blog. Tell me frankly what impression you get when you visit any blogger blog as compared to wordpress blog because you know that blogger is free and anyone can start a free blog on blogger within a matter of seconds but with wordpress you know that they must be paying hosting bills so the must will serious about their blogs and this increases the chances that your blog might get sold easily with much higher price.

If you don’t believe me you can head over to flippa which is a very popular website buying and selling marketplace and tell me in the comments section how many blogger blogs you find listed there and I am sure that you will not find much infact you will not find any blogger blog listed over there. So if you are thinking to get into the business of buying and selling websites and blogs then you must use wordpress for sure.

7. Professional Blogger –

Last but not the least if you want to become a full time blogger or want to become a successful blogger and make money then you must quickly move your blogger blog to wordpress because wordpress is the only blogging platform which will give you all the necessary tools which require to build a successful blog and make lots of of money online. I can tell you that there are many full time bloggers on the internet who are make a full time living online and they all use wordpress and not blogger you can go to google and you will find only handful of bloggers who are full time professional bloggers and are using blogger. The majority of successful bloggers are using wordpress So if you are really serious about blogging and planning to make it a full time career then you must choose wordpress over blogger without any doubt taking all the above mentioned points.

Over to you  –

So friends this was 7 benefits and reasons why wordpress is better than blogger for blogging & SEO and I hope that this article must have cleared all your doubts and help you to conclude that indeed you must be using wordpress rather than blogger. I would love to hear what you think about this topic since it’s very popular topic of discussion among many beginner bloggers and internet marketers So please share your views in the comment sections and I would love to read your opinions. Last but not the least don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more awesome and free blogging tips and tricks! Happy Blogging


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