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Today I am very happy to announce to all my loyal readers that I have moved my blog from free blogger platform to self hosted wordpress blog actually I could have started my blog straight away in self hosted wordpress itself in the beginning but do you know why I stayed for so long in wordpress? Any idea you might say that it’s free yes it’s free and one of the best blogging platform I have ever used but why I am migrating from blogger to wordpress. then let me tell you the real reason behind it and why I stay for so long on blogger.

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Actually you must be knowing that to know something you must get into that completely and without using blogger my blog would have been never reached here where it is right now and I think that I have build my blog straight from scratch without knowing anything about SEO but now I have learned lot means a lot in terms of on page seo and off page seo.

Also my alexa ranking has improved so much I cannot express within 2 months and I am really happy that I used blogger for so long. And now also it’s not that I hate blogger I really love it and there are many bloggers who always criticize blogger platform regarding they are not SEO optimized yes to some extend it’s true but with little hard work you can optimize your blog which I did and all my blog posts are ranking way ahead than many bloggers who are using wordpress and various SEO plugins So I really love blogger and I will continue to use them to build some blogs for testing and then if they succeed I will move it to self hosted wordpress blog

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Why Move From Blogger to WordPress Platform Reasons


1) While working with blogger I was not having all the resources to make my blog look professional enough even for a small tweak in template I had to spend hours to solve that Since I am not a coding geek

2) There were no plugins which makes life much easier in wordpress the moment I started using wordpress I feel like I have more tools in my hand to save lot of time whereas in blogger there are no plugins

3) Blogger can delete your blog without any notice and this was the fear always running in my mind but I was sure that blogger will not delete my blog since my blog was of really high quality with high quality content also it was not violating any webmaster terms and conditions So I was pretty much sure that it will not happen but as we don’t know what will happen tomorrow the same we cannot predict about this also

4) Themes were very limited in blogger and we have to select from only few limited templates whereas in wordpress there are thousands of free themes available which is great with just one click you can change your blog design

5) Regarding SEO also I think that worpress is better just because since I designed my blogger template there were my codes in there which were not SEO friendly but I don’t have to manually add any such codes in wordpress since everything is taken care by lots and lots of free plugins

6) Some time after publishing my blog posts it was not showing in google quickly and I have to manually ping my blog post url but in wordpress there is inbuilt pining service which indexed our new blog post fast in Google and other search engines results

7)I was not able to start affiliate marketing even though I wanted to but I made sure from the beginning that my readers are my first priority I will never promote a product or services which I have never used in past or currently So I was leaving quite a lot of money on the table since there are my lucrative affiliate programs like you can make money by promoting web hosting plans,plugins and themes but since I was using blogger how could I promote hosting package if I myself using free blogger platform. I don’t blog for money I blog because I love to money is the reward which I am making from.

8) Another great and one of the most important reasons is that I don’t love to give fake information to my readers and never ever share information about which I am not 100% sure that’s why you can see all my blog posts I have never ever posted about wordpress because I am not using wordpress and how would my readers fell when they will read it the post where I am giving wordpress tips and tricks despite of me still using blogger.

9) Also I always like to document my learning so that I can help my readers exactly what all problems and challenges most newbie bloggers face to make a successful blog literally from scratch which I did. And while being on blogger I almost cover all major topics and the same I am going to do with wordpress also and I will document all the small small things which I will be learning in wordpress and share this with my blog readers and this will make my blog a ultimate resource for any beginner who want to start blogging

So friends to sum up this were the main reason why you must move your blogger blog to wordpress self hosted blog. Please do share your thoughts and views via comments and I will love to discuss about this. I would like to thank Google for providing such a great blogging platform but situation always demands more and we have to abide by the rule to keep on improving and take our blog to next level of success


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