how search egnine works

Numerous internet marketing strategies are used by the online business people to gain popularity to their business through search engines.  One such effective strategy that is popular among the online businesses is SEO or Search Engine Optimization Techniques.  Have you observed the search engines in Google, Yahoo and Bing?  These search engines are used daily by millions of people living in different parts of the world to collect information.  What the user needs to gather information is a set of keyword.  Once the keyword is fed into the search box, the search engine looks for the site that matches best with the keyword.  Thus the websites are ranked by the search engines.  The website that is at the top of the page will be making profit on that day.  Hence, the website owners implement the SEO strategies in order to gain the top ranking in the search engines.

SEO has several wings and for 100% result, you should use them effectively.  This includes the selection of keyword, title, content, links, URL title, header tags etc.  The primary importance should be given to your content as search engine spider first look at your keyword included content to fix your position in the search engine.

Some scammers claim to get you top ranking in search engine results in short cut without the usage of SEO, which is not true.  Also, there is no short cut to create SEO.  SEO has some basic guidelines which needs to researched and implemented accordingly.  So, it is better to approach an SEO professional to implement the essential SEO strategies for your website.  Search Engine Optimization experts only knows how to choose the keyword, how the search engine spider works to rank the sites etc.  So, by choosing the assistance of right SEO firm, you can shine in the online business with the top ranking in the search engines.

The Algorithm used by Search Engines is not known to anyone.  The user feed the keyword and clicks the search button.  After few minutes you will get hundreds of websites related to that topic.  It is not known, on what basis the ranks are allotted to the websites.  So, SEO concept works out with search engines and you can tweak your site anytime to adjust your website to attract the search engine spiders.  The truth is that search engines prioritize the websites with keyword usage, content, title tag, meta description, inbuild links etc.  So, the search engine looks for various ingredients while ranking a website at the top position.

Article Writing! The best and part of SEO

One of the cheapest SEO strategies but effective one utilized by the website owners to increase their ranking is article writing.  As I said earlier, the content plays an important role in fixing your rank.  The article should be prepared using the keyword that symbolizes your business.  The keyword should be included in the title once, first and last paragraphs once and few times in the remaining paragraphs.  There is also limit to use these keywords as using excess keywords may turn your website into scamming list.  On an average you can use keyword up to 5% of total number of words in the content.

Tips to make impressive article

*        Make your article informatory.  The article should be interesting and useful for the visitor.

*        Avoid using the keyword more than the limit.

*        Use bulleted points to highlight the important points.

*        Use tips which attract the users and search engine spiders very much.

*        Frame the title using the keyword.  Title also will be considered by the search engine robots while ranking your site.

Hope you could have understood the fundamental functioning of Search Engine Optimization.  Always use the SEO strategy in a balanced manner to attract the search engine spider.


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