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Keyword Research is a must one for every website owners to optimize their website.  Keyword or keyphrase has major role in Search Engine Optimization and some new comers and existing webmasters fails to give importance to this. They select the keyword that they feel as the best one for their business which is not correct.

A thorough research is required to frame the keyphrase.  Since, google search engines frequently changes its algorithm, it is tough to predict the keyword for your business on your own.  So, my humble advice is to consult an SEO who can do research and give you the best keyphrase.

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It is difficult analyze the right keyword for your business because, search engines like google, yahoo and MSN never disclose how may searches have taken place using the specific keyword by the user.  However, you need to find out the keyword that is used several times by the users and the keyword that has given good sales.

Your keyword research should submit these statistics which is necessary for you to derive a powerful keyword for your website.  You can use the free keyword research tool offered by google search engine or use the paid one that is available in many sites.

After thorough keyword research, you should find out your existing competitors and find out how they use the keyword.  Sometime you need two types of keyphrase for your website.  Test different types of keyphrases you feel as the best.  Find out your status in search engine ranking. Depending on your website ranking you need to do change the keyphrases.  The keyword you choose should increase the overall ranking in search engine results.

Some valid reasons to choose the SEO firm to select your keyword.

1.    Search Engines never disclose the algorithm changes and you will come to know about this only through gossips.  A website that is doing well in search engines sometime loses its ranking all of sudden.  This means the search engine has made some changes in the algorithm.  So, an individual cannot follow what is happening behind the screens of the google search engines.  Only SEO keyword research analysts can guess and change your keyword.

2.     Search Engines some time rank the sites based on long tailed keywords and all of sudden, they change their algorithm and pick up sites that is using short tailed keywords.  So, you need to rely on a professional to do this research.

3.     Another one important thing is that, the algorithm followed by google will not be followed by Yahoo or MSN.  So, using the same set of keywords will not yield the same result.  You need to do some research on the algorithm of every search engine separately and choose the keyword based on your search result.  There are some sites in the internet that can update you the changes in algorithm.  These sites have many people to monitor the changes in the online industry.  So, a change that occurs in every search engine is conveyed to the people who register with these sites.

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It is very important to do the keyword research which is an important part of SEO.  A website that utilizes the keyword research will get higher ranking in the internet.


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