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So guys are you looking for the top 10 most important Google ranking factors then you are on the best article because here I am going to share you the very important Google ranking factors which you must definitely know if you want higher ranking in Google search engine.

Yesterday I wrote a very crucial post which you will definitely like sharing all the vital SEO tips and tricks for Beginners which you must definitely read if you really want to learn the top SEO tips. I have shared all my experiences and knowledge in that post.

Some time back I posted an article Google ranking factors SEO checklist which you can read but if you are in hurry then this post will show you the top 10 most important Google ranking factors which you must right away start to practice if you want to increase your blog or website ranking in Google.

I would highly recommend you read the complete post so that you can learn all the crucial SEO techniques which can really skyrocket your rankings. When I was a beginner at that time I was not knowing anything about SEO and Blogging.

I really wanted to start a blog and make is successful but after some time, I was not getting more organic traffic and this is the time I really tried to dig in and find what it requires to get high ranking in Google

After many sleepless nights, I learned the basic SEO followed by Advanced SEO all by myself. I used to try and test many SEO techniques. Fast forward now after 5 years of blogging I can say that I know a good amount of information which I guess that you also like.

See guys, nobody can be an expert in SEO ( Search engine optimization ) if anybody says that he or she is a complete expert then that is not true I believe. Yes, you can be good or the best but if someone says that I can share you the exact point blank Google search engine algorithm.

Google never disclosed it’s search algorithm to anyone in this world and we can only guess. SEO is not a thing you can master in 1 day. It takes a good solid long time to master the art of search engine optimization.

You have to try,try,try… and test test,test…. yourself if you want to be the best in SEO industry. I learned myself all the tips and tricks nobody was a mentor to help me one on one. I used to download many free ebooks from the internet and stay back late in the night to read it.

Remember guys the best way to learn SEO is to try it yourself as only you are going to become better. If you want to become a successful blogger and make money then you must know basic as well as advanced SEO.

SEO can really break your mind if you think too much trust me. I think a lot about how I can make my articles more SEO friendly and I keep on testing different things on my blog.

By doing this I come to know which techniques are working and which are not. So I think that all the points which I have mentioned below are 100 % tried and tested surefire way to improve your keyword ranking in Google

So without wasting much time lets see the most important Google ranking factors of 2017.

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  • Top 10 Most Important Google Ranking Factors List :
    • Backlinks :
    • Quality Content :
    • Internal Linking :
    • Site Crawling :
    • Keywords :
    • URL Structure :
    • Rich Media :
    • Site Loading Speed :

Top 10 Most Important Google Ranking Factors List :


  1. Backlinks :

    • Backlinks are really very important without backlinks you will not be able to rank high in the search engine. The more quality backlinks your blog or website has the better will be your rankings in Google.
    • Earlier I have written a complete guide on how to get more quality backlinks to your blog or website.
    • Don’t build low-quality backlinks for your blog or website as this is not going to help more instead focus on getting only high-quality backlinks for your blog.
    • Backlinks from a highly relevant blog or website are more effective as compared to low-quality backlinks. So try to find good blogs in your niche and ask the owner if you can do the guest post for them.
    • Guest blogging is really very important but remember guys use my guest blogging tips in which I have mentioned all the best practices which you must follow for sure if you want to do safe guest blogging.
    • Some time back, Matt Cutts told that guest blogging will not be effective if you opt wrong guest blogging practices. Many pro bloggers believed that guest blogging is dead and not work in future.
    • But no it is not like that guest blogging still works provided you do a guest post on relevant niche blog and websites.
    • Backlinks are the no 2. most important Google ranking factors in this list and hold the top value in SEO.
  2. Quality Content :

    • Oh gosh again  ? Yes you have heard this term that “Content is king” then it is wrong. I would say that “Content is God” because without quality content you are not going to rank high in search engines.
    • Make sure that you always write quality content on your blog or website by doing this you articles will rank high in search results but also you are going to get more traffic, backlinks, more comments etc.
    • The benefits of writing quality content are huge and if you were not doing this then start to focus more on Quality content right away because it’s the no 1. ranking factor in this checklist.
    • Many believe that backlinks are the most important factors for SEO but no they are not right. I firmly believe you can also rank any website or blog without building a single backlink manually
    • I have already done and got the desired results and I don’t build a single backlink to that blog and it ranked solely on the basis of quality content only.
    • Many pro bloggers also agree to this point and I would recommend that if you have started a blog then for first few weeks only focus on publishing quality content on your blog and after that, you can start building backlinks safely.
  3. Internal Linking :

    • Many newbie bloggers don’t realize it’s importance and they tend to ignore internal linking. It’s one of the most important ranking factors which you must start doing internal linking.
    • There are many SEO benefits of interlinking blog posts. You must try to interlink your old and new blog post regularly. But make sure that you are using the best practices otherwise you will not benefit much from this technique.
    • Make sure that you constantly diversify your anchor text to make it more effective. If you constantly link with the same anchor text then your will not see any benefits of internal linking.
    • It might even happen that your ranking will start to decline so make sure that you are using different anchor text every time to strengthen the power of linking text.
  4. Site Crawling :

    • I have seen many beginners are always complaining about low ranking in Google search results and when I visited their blog or website then Site Crawling was the problem with their sites.
    • Make sure that your blog or website crawling can be done by Google search crawlers. The best way to do is to install sitemap on your blog or website.
    • You can install SEO by Yoast plugin on your WordPress blog and if  you are using blogger then create HTML sitemap in Blogger
    • Another benefit of installing sitemap on your blog or website are that Google will be able to crawl more pages from your blog and index them in their search results.
    • I have seen that newbies also complain that their new blog post is not indexed in Google. Creating sitemap will solve this issue also.
    • As  you can see there are many benefits of installing sitemap on your blog or website. You must surely read the below post.
    • How to index new blog or website in Google
  5. Keywords :

    • You need to make sure that you are using keywords in the right places like
      • Beginning of Title Tag
      • URL of the article
      • The Beginning of article
      • Few times in the middle ( avoid Keyword stuffing )
      • Image Alt tag.
    • Make sure to use Keywords synonyms, LSI keywords to give more relevance signals to Google.
    • Avoid keyword stuffing this is most important here. Since Google is so obsessed with keyword stuffing that they now penalize a web page because of overusing the keywords.
    • Make sure that you are sounding natural and your content makes sense. This is especially very vital for newbies since they are more prone to do keyword stuffing.
  6. URL Structure :

    • Next point I would like to discuss is the URL structure for your blog or website. Make sure that you are not staying with the default Permalink structure which is absolutely a big no.
    • Default permalink structure will look like and you can see this is not SEO friendly since it doesn’t contain keywords.
    • Also, It is using numbers so it decreases the relevance signals. You must make sure that you are using hyphens over underscores and nothing else as the words separators in the URL.
    • Use 3 to 5 keywords in your URL only and not more than that. Using more keywords will make your URL long and look spammy to Google.
    • Google prefers short, clean URL over Long URL structures so make sure that your blog post or article URL length is not exceeding.
    • You can change the default permalink structure to custom one both in Blogger and WordPress blog.
    • Below are the steps you need to do to change your WordPress URL Structure
      1. Click Settings
      2. Permalinks
      3. Then Select Custom Structure and enter /%postname%/ in the text field and hit the “Save Changes” button.
  7. Rich Media :

    • Do you enjoy watching videos and images? I really love and so as your readers do. Rich Media content refers to having images and videos in your article.
    • This increases the user experience to understand and grasp the things in better way. Google prefers rich media content as compared to content having no images and videos.
    • You must try to include images and videos in your articles and blog posts. Try to include at least 1 image per article.
    • Content which are having good graphics are shared my more people on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. So you will get more traffic, social signals as well as backlinks to your blog or website.
    • Do you know that many people are using Google image search to search images and by using Rich media content you can definitely improve your traffic from Google only.
    • You can use the tool like Canva to create graphics for your articles and it’s free to join also.
  8. Domain Authority :
    • Domain authority is another important factor which highly influences your Google ranking. The higher your domain authority is the more good ranking will be as simple as that.
    • But it takes the time to get higher domain authority so you got to be patience here. There are no secret tricks to increase your domain authority so don’t get discouraged if you are not having good domain authority right now.
    • Anything above 30 is called as really a good domain authority. Web sites like Google and Youtube are the great example of having the best domain authority on the internet right now.
    • You just have to continue to focus on publishing high-quality content on your blog and optimize your blog as much as possible through various ways.
    • The moment your domain authority will increase you will clearly see that your blog posts or articles ranking will get a good boost in Google and other search engines automatically.
  9. CTR ( Click Through Rate ) :
    • Do you know that CTR that is Click through rate is also very important for SEO. More CTR will definitely improve your rankings in Google search results ( SERPs ).
    • Make sure that your blog post or article title is enticing enough for the readers to click on your website or blog title link.
    • Try you use the modifiers like the top, best, ultimate, Guide, Step by Step, Tutorial etc in your article title and you can certainly see a traffic increase.
    • So make sure that you are not using a boring title, be smart and try to write the titles in such a way that visitors can’t resist themselves from clicking on your link.
    • For example how this title looks like ” how to start a WordPress blog “. It looks way too generic and doesn’t not entice users to click on your link. Here I am not saying that you will not get any click but by using more enticing or modifiers phrases you can definitely double up your CTR rate.
    • Now if I have to write the same title in much better way then I could have written something like this ” “How To Start A WordPress Blog That Makes 20K Per Month
    • Now you can clearly see that if you would have given the choice to choose any of them then I am damn sure that you will click the second title. Don’t you  ?
    • These are the trick I am 100% sure that works and many bloggers are doing it wonderfully to get more CTR rate for their blog or website.
    • You just have to be creative here and craft post titles which really creates the curiosity in your reader’s mind to click on your link as compared to others.
    • Believe me, guys if you can master this technique then you can really boost your blog or website traffic a really big time.
  10. Site Loading Speed :

    • Site loading speed is one of the most important Google ranking factors and you need to make sure that your website or blog is loading fast enough.
    • You can easily check your blog or website speed using these websites gtmatrix or Pingdom
    • Make sure that you are not installing too many plugins on your WordPress blog because this is the major search of your blog or website not loading faster in the browser of the reader.
    • If you are using WordPress then you can download W3 Total cache as it’s one of the best plugins to increase your blog loading speed.
    • Many beginner bloggers don’t realize this and install many plugins which are not that important and thus making their blog or website load slower.
    • Make sure that you delete useless plugins, widgets, adverts, large images, javascript, and CSS. Keep your blog or website as simple as you can so that it loads much faster and this will definitely improve your ranking in Google.

So, guys, this is it I really hope that you loved this post about ” top 10 most important Google ranking factors “, If you feel that I have missed anythings then please let me know in the comment section below. If you want to help my readers then you can also share your SEO tips and tricks in the comment section.

Feel free to help other bloggers and website owners to know about this by sharing it on facebook,twitter, Google plus. Remember helping others is the best thing you can do in this world. Want to see a magic trick? Press CTRD+D ?  to bookmark this page so that you can refer it anytime and read it. Thank you ?


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