black hat seo

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a gateway for touching the profit making tree for many entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, individuals etc.  Online business people use search engine optimization as their marketing weapon.  A website first needs to be visited by more genuine customers to make good profit.  SEO techniques do this job without much difficulty.  While SEO is favoring good to the customers and the entrepreneurs, some internet criminals use SEO to spread their malicious software or to spread virus to your system.  How to Spot Black Hat SEO?  Read this article know the essential tips.

1]       These black hats infect your system using powerful malware. So, beware while clicking the sites that are not reputed.  Search Engines generally look for the specific set of keywords, contents, meta tags, title etc. before ranking the websites.  The virus spreading websites use all these techniques in their website and catch the top ranking in search engine results.  The general habit of users is to click and view the websites that appears at the top of the search results.  These malware websites thus enters your vicinity.  So, when you click it, you will be guided to a web page where you are likely to be attacked by virus.

2]       Malware attack is more during the festive seasons and during other special occasions.  Especially, these malware attackers are active during Christmas and New Year Eve.  These malware containing websites also utilizes the death of famous personalities or birthday of popular person etc.  So, when you look for the hot information in the internet, you will be directed to webpages that contains malware.  These sites use the exact set of SEO principles and appear at the top of the search engines.  So, you should take note of the URL or domain address of the website while clicking it.  Some time the domain address changes in the address bar.  This indicates that you are diverted to a website that contains virus.

3]       Never use the search engines that are not popular.  The safe search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.  Using unknown search engines will drive you to virus attacking sites.  These internet criminals spread the malware by offering alternative search engines.  These search engines will not filter the suspected websites, instead displays the malware websites also in the search engine results page.  So, a single click on the virus containing webpage may put in trouble.

4]       Some sites will be genuine but the links or ads will be with malware products.  You could have seen link ads in various popular websites.  You should be careful while clicking these backlinks.  These links may lead you to any of the malware sites.  The surprise is that even the webmaster may not be aware of this malicious link and software.  So, you should quit the sites that seem to be spammy.  Never try to click or view the webpages from the spam sites.  Once you got the doubt, quit the site immediately.

It is not possible to completely destroy these sites from the internet.  The spammer, malware distributors continuous to be in the internet and it is our responsibility to avoid them.  Firstly, as an internet browser you should have awareness on these people.  Secondly, you should use multilayered internet security software to get rid of these spammers.


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