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How Search Engine Robots rank your website?  Even though SEO experts and business people give different answers for this question, the truth is the content and subject of your web page that is going to decide your search engine ranking.  Search engines cannot completely go through your content and rank your website.  Most of the search engines judge the quality of a website based on its title tag.  Title tag with proper keyword usage is very important part in SEO to lift your search engine ranking which many business people miss to implement.

So, by creating an effective Title Meta Tag you can definitely improvise your website ranking in search engines.  The title tag should speak on your business and should grab the attention of the search engine robot.  The following example will tell you how to create a good title tag for your business.

Bad Meta Title Tag

If your website is on highlighting the best five star hotels in United States and if you are writing title tag for hotels in San Antonio, you are not supposed to give the title tag as

Hotels in United States, San Antonio Hotels, Hotels San Antonio, US, Five Star Hotels in United States and San Antonio, Luxury Hotels in San Antonio, Comfort Stay at San Antonio United States etc.

The above set of keywords used in your Meta Title Tag is not accepted by search engine spider for various reasons:

*        the title tag contains more keywords than prescribed by the search engines.  Long tailed keywords will not attract the search engine spider.

*        Repeating the same set of keywords or keyphrase is not accepted by search engine spider and the websites that use keywords repeatedly to attract search engines will be penalized.

*        The Meta Title Tag should be free from using ‘the, an, a’ etc.  This shows that your keyword as unprofessional one.

*        Add your brand name at the end of the title tag if you are doing a small business which is missing in this title tag.

How to create a good title tag

The good title tag for the above referred business is “hotels in San Antonio, United States Hotels, San Antonio Hotels”

*        Here the keywords are shorttailed and crisp.  The meta tag clearly explains what is in your website.  Search Engines will prefer to give good ranking to such meta title tags.

*        The keywords are not repeatedly used in the title tag.  So, the search engine spider can easily understand your title and the subject in your webpage.

So, if you are aiming to improve your website’s ranking in search engines, you need to first find out the best keywords to be used in your title tag.  Choosing the right keyword and using it wisely in the title is the key behind the success of your business.  Title tags created without sufficient knowledge will be branded as scammers by the search engine spiders.  So, if you do not have sufficient knowledge in creating a title tag, you can approach a professional to get it done.  Of course lots of research is required to create an effective Meta Title Tag.


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