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Why to index your website in search engines?  If you want to list your website in search engines, then you should index your site as soon your website is created.  Your website should be brought to the vicinity of the search engines to drive traffic to your site.  So, without indexing your website in search engines it is not possible to improve your business.  In this article you will learn the techniques and tips to index your site in search engines.

1]       First you need to upload your XML sitemap to search engine.  The XML sitemap is the one that contains your entire domain’s links.  Search engines will start the indexing procedure, as soon as your site map is forwarded to them.  It is very easy to upload the sitemap, if you have created Google Webmaster account.  So, submitting site map to google is the first and basic principle to index your site.

2]       After XML sitemap, you should create a HTML sitemap for your website.  HTML sitemap is the one that symbolizes your web pages.  This site map is designed to drive visitors to your website.  HTML file contains the list of links that is created to your website.  This will enable the customers to visit your website without any intervention.   HTML sitemap has to be implemented for the purpose of search engine spiders to access your website also.

3]       The third step of indexing is to add the HTML text links to your domain.  The HTML text links are most essential one, because this is the path way to search engines to visit your site.  You should also build hyper links, through which search engines will be able to travel to all your web pages.  So, HTML Text Links and Hyperlinks are necessary one to crawl your website by the search engine spiders.

4]       Article Marketing! Do you know the effects of this SEO technique?  Once your onpage SEO is complete, you should look for offpage optimization such as article marketing.  Design the original and informative article and post it in the article submission directories.  Utilize the resource box to leave your domain address.  You can also explain in short about your business.  Article directories will pave way for your website to get popularity.  Article marketing is a powerful optimization to list your website in search engine results.

5]       There are many online directories in the internet where you can leave your URL.  This is one of the effective ways to popularize your website.  Some of the directories where you need to add your site are: DMOZ, Yahoo, BOTW etc.  These directories charge few dollars while indexing your website.  But, article directories are free to use. The difference between these two is the result you get.  Paid directories will yield good results in short period.

6]       Social Media Sites are very powerful tool to increase your sales and profit.  Creating traffic through social media sites by leaving your domain name is some what easy.  Search engine spiders offer importance to the links that are coming from social media sites.

These are some of the techniques that need to be followed to index your website promptly.


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