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If you are wondering why is my site not showing up in google search or why is my website not ranking in google then in this post I am going to share few important tips and advice which you can use to get your site coming in google search results. Actually this is most frequently asked question specially among newbie bloggers and website owners who don’t know exactly what it requires to get your site ranked in Google search for a keyword. Frankly speaking friends when I was a beginner blogger at that time I was also facing this problem and I was wondering why my site is not showing and ranking in google search and worst why my blog is not indexed by google. But after blogging for a while and learning various SEO tips and tricks now my blog posts and pages get indexed very quickly

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Why Is My Website / Blog Not Showing Up and Ranking In Google Search


Now here we will see each section one by one and find solutions to all the major concerns which is preventing your site from appearing in Google

Why my site is not showing and coming up in Google

1) First let me give you most important reason for you website not coming in google search or indexed by google is not submitting the sitemap in Google webmaster tools this enables Google to know all the pages in your site and indexed them quickly in google search results. And mostly beginner bloggers and website owners make this mistake So if you have a new site then first thing I would request you it to submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tools

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2) I have seen bloggers who complain frequently that their blog posts and pages are not indexed by google quickly so for this I would suggest you to increase your blogging frequency so that search engines like Google will know that your blog or website is very frequently update and this will significantly improve your site indexing rate and your new posts and page will start coming up in Google search

I have seen this my self on this blog whenever I do a blog post it get indexed by Google within 5 minutes and get ranked very quickly because Google knows that this blog is regularly updated with fresh and unique content So I have the upper hand as compared to all other blogs and website in my niche

3) Other best thing you can do is to submit your site URL to google and here is the link Google URL submit but prior submitting your URL you must have Google webmaster tools account and this is the best and quickest way to get your site pages to come up in google search

Why Is My Site Not Ranking In Google

1) Well I understand the frustration it causes when you work hard and write long blog posts and articles and still see that Google is not ranking your site. It’s really not good feeling to have and I have seen this on my new blog but what’s most important here is if you keep on publishing new posts and content on your site then surely you will see that your website or blog will start ranking in Google search.

2) Another important tips which I have shared numerous times on this blog is that you must keep on building high quality backlinks to your website and not low quality spammy links because Google will simply ignore these low quality backlinks and only give credit to high quality backlinks. And this is the one thing which may beginner bloggers and website owners do they keep on building backlinks to their site without considering the quality of those links So in order to rank high in Google you must get backlinks for quality sites in your niche

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3) The frequency of backlinks is also very important like suppose you get 20 backlinks in a week and for next 2 to 3 weeks you are not building any backlinks then again it’s looks suspicious in eyes of Google So keep a steady and consistent flow of backlinks to your blog or website

4) Most widely used questions is why is my site not ranking for a keyword in Googlethen for this I would recommend that you must build backlinks to your site with those keywords as anchor text which will tell google that your website is very relevant for that particular keyword and will start ranking your sites for that particular keyword phrase But don’t go overboard and build tons of backlinks with the same anchor text as you might get penalized by google penalty for over optimized anchor text

5) So to be on the safer site you must include variations of your main keyword by adding suffix or prefix or you can build backlinks which includes that particular keyword along with other words So this will make your backlinks profile look natural in eyes of Google and you can avoid google penalty

6) Another factor which most people ignore that the relevancy of your site say for example if I will write a post on ” blogging tips for beginners” then I have very good chance that I will be ranking in Google but what if I write a complete off niche topic ” how to build muscles fast” then that post is not going to rank high in Google why? because Google also looks at the niche of the blog and in which domain the content is posted

However it that same post ” how to build muscles fast” in health and fitness niche will have good chance to start showing up and ranking in Google So stick to your niche and don’t post off topic content on your website

7) Other very important point here is that the SEO of your website must be right that is if you are not doing right off page seo and on page seo then you will have hard time ranking your site in google search. SEO( Search engine optimization) is the heart and soul for any website or blog to increase their google ranking. If done properly you will see the results very quickly but if it’s opposite then you will be upside down. So take a look at your SEO strategy as well and make sure that you are using white hat SEO techniques and not opting for back hat SEO

So friends this was my advice and suggestion on  why is my site not showing up and ranking in Google search. And I am sure that if you will follow the above mentioned tips and tricks the definitely your website will start showing up in Google and also get ranked high enough in search engines. If you like this post please share and also if you have any question regarding why your site is not ranking in Google then please let me know via comments and I will definitely help you


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