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If you are confused about single topic vs multi topic blog and which is best and better for blogging then in this post I am going to share the advantages and disadvantages of single topic vs multi topic blog and which is best for blogging. I have seen many beginner bloggers have this confusion in their mind when they want to start their blog and they usually get stuck between the two choices single topic vs multi topic blog and which is the best.

They think that if they will cover all the niche in one blog then it will be better as compared to creating 10 different blog for each niche as this will also reduce the domain and hosting costs. And they think that they can make a next blog like huffington post or mashable.

However it not impossible but building a blog like that which focus multi topic is not that easy especially if you have just started blogging as beginner also there is many pros and cons of single topic or multi topic blog which we will discuss in this blog post. Usually newbie blogger frequently ask these questions

Should I write about single topic or multiple topic on my blog ?

Should I start single topic or multi topic blog?

Single topic vs multi topic blog which is best ?

No worries I will explain about this in this article and you will have a clear idea as which is better and which one to choose for your blog So without wasting much time lets get into the topic of the article

Single Topic Vs Multi Topic blog :  Which is best better & Why ?


Benefits of Single Topic Blog

1) Single niche blog is more easy to manage as compared to multi niche blog also you will have to do less research and invest time specially if you have the passion for the niche which you are blogging about.

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2) Single topic blog have more targeted visitors as compared to multi topic blog since you will write about only one topic for eg like if you have a fitness blog and write only about workout routines then your blog will become authority in workout routines niche in long run and you blog posts will rank higher than other multi topic fitness blog

3) You will get more money making opportunities since the advertisers and sponsors like targeted visitors coming to their website and nobody will pay you for sending non targeted traffic to their website So if you want to make more money I would recommend to go for single niche sites and as the time grows you can become the authority in your niche and will get more advertisements and offers

4) If you have passion for the topic you are blogging about then you will never run out with your next blog post topic but if you are having multi topic blog where there are only few categories which interest you then you will have a hard time in finding new blog post ideas for your blog.

5) Single topic blog rank better than multi topic blog it’s my opinion unless you have that authority like huffington post or wikipedia to rank for any keywords why? because you will increase the keyword authority of your domain and Google will think that this is the best blog for this particular topic and will rank your blog higher in search results as compared to multi topic blog

Disadvantages of Single Topic Blog

1) Single topic blog is very targeted and you cannot expand your reach in future. I have seen many bloggers who had started blog in single niche but later expanded to cover multi topic in their blog. So this is one of the major drawback of starting a single niche blog that it’s will be limited to a particular niche and you cannot cover different topic in that blog

2) If you have started your blog with exact match domain or keyword rich domain then the above problem applies here also for example my blog is all about blogging tips and tricks and it’s one of the best blogs in blogging and internet marketing but what if I started posting dating tips on this blog. Its not going to work and my readers will be surprised there what happened to Sa’eed and why he is posting dating tips here.

3) Also even if I started posting muti topic articles on this blog those posts will not rank higher in Google at all because Google has not taken this blog as authority for dating tips as compared to blogging tips. If you disagree with this point try it yourself and you will find the answer

Now we will take a look at multi topic blog advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of Multi Topic Blog

1) Multi topic blog will get more traffic since you will be getting traffic for different topics and your audience reach will be more as compared to single niche blog

2) Multi topic blog will get more facebook likes and shares specially if you are sharing topics like dating tips, fitness tips, music and videos etc ( not more convincing though)

3) You will never be restricted to one topic you can write about anything you wish which is not you can do with single niche blog

4) Even if you are covering like 3 to 4 topic but later you can include more topic also if you don’t know about other niche you can hire content writers to do the work for you

5) Once you develop the authority in your topics then you can make good amount of money and will drive lots of traffic to your blog and this is how big multi niche websites started

Disadvantages of  Multi Topic Blog

1) Multi topic blog are time consuming since you will have to manage many topics and do lots of research especially  if you don’t have the budget to hire content writers

2) It’s very hard to develop the authority if you are planning to start multi niche blog and it will take more time as compared to single niche blog which is fairly easy Since most of the bigger sites like wikipedia are dominating the search results

4) It will be really hard to come up with new blog post ideas regularly if you are not having much interest in other topics and very early you will quit blogging and this is why most blogs fail and very soon vanishes

5) You have to manage all the categories in your blog equally say for example you are posting 10 posts daily for blogging tips and only 1 post about fitness in a week for fitness category then your visitors will not like this and you will have to cope up with this and manage the same blogging frequency for all your blog niches

Over to you:

So you must have heard that  “no one size fits for all” then you can apply it here also first sit down and make clear about what you want to do with your blog and who will be the audience for your blog and how you are going to manage the blog posting frequency and choose accordingly. It totally depend about your passion and interest about the topic which are blogging So if you want to build multi niche blog then this is no issue if you are able to manage but if you are newbie to blogging and have just started blogging then I would recommend you to go for single niche sites as they are easier to maintain as compared with multi topic blog You can start a free blog on blogger if you are newbie

So friends this was my views on single topic vs multi topic blog and which is best better and why? So it’s up to you which one to choose. If you like this post please share and don’t forget to subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks also if you have any doubt or queries then feel free to ask me via comment and I will be more than happy to help you ! Happy blogging


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