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Do you know the most common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018 most bloggers make if not then in this post I am going to share top SEO mistakes most bloggers make and how to avoid them, SEO which is know as search engine optimization is very important if you want to blog or website to rank well in search engine results and without proper SEO optimization you will find it hard to rank your blog posts or pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines

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This is were the SEO companies are making fortunes and they take huge amount of money to optimize their client websites, When I had started blogging I was not knowing much of SEO and on page SEO techniques and off page SEO techniques but now I know all about them and those are common SEO mistakes most bloggers make now also which they must avoid in 2018 to make their blog more SEO friendly

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No matter you are using wordpress, blogger or any other blogging CMS below are the most common SEO mistakes most blogger make So I am sure that you have landed on this page which you know that there are some SEO techniques which are am not doing right and I have to avoid them So here I am going to share the top SEO mistakes and how to avoid them So that your blog will rank higher in SERP’s and will get more organic traffic

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Common SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make To Avoid In 2018

1) Keyword Research – 
I think that this is the most common mistakes which most newbie bloggers make and they simply start blogging about the topic which they love and this is the biggest mistake you must avoid in 2018, Not doing keyword research is like you are entering into the market and don’t know what’s the market demand
You just cannot assume that what you are searching and what you are interested in other’s will be also interested in that particular topic and most of the times you will find that you wrote a 1000 blog posts and finding that it’s not getting the traffic why? because you choose the wrong keywords and there are very few people who are actually searching for that particular topic and this is where proper keyword research is very important
It gives you the ideas what people are actually searching for and I was also doing this in my early days and I was just use to pick up the title and start blogging about that without knowing that are people actually interested in the topic which I am writing
You can use free Google keyword planner tool to get the search volume about particular keyword
Take away  – Never start writing your content without doing proper keyword research
2) Keyword Stuffing – I think that most of the beginner bloggers make this mistake and they think that more keywords I use on my blog posts higher they will rank but they end up in keyword stuffing Let me tell you one thing that how Google search bots know that whether you are doing keyword stuffing on your blog posts or pages
Lets say that you are writing a blog posts about ” How To Lose Weight ” then when search bots come to your blog post they see that how to lose weight phrase once then twice then thrice and they get the idea that your blog post is about how to lose weight but when you are overdoing this and repeating the same exact phrase ” how to lose weight” 10 times on your 100 word article then this is the point when search bots come to know that you are doing the keyword stuffing and this is the most common SEO mistakes most bloggers make
Take away –  Never do keyword stuffing and use your keywords in the most important position which I will discuss below and you will be fine, keyword stuffing is not required to make your blog posts to look like the most useful article on that particular topic
3) Not Using Keyword In Right Places – In order to make your blog posts more SEO friendly you must use your keywords in
  • Meta Title tags
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • Image Alt tags
  • Beginning of your article
  • 3 to 4 time in the body of article
  • Ending paragraph of your blog posts
That’s it and this is by far the most common mistakes which most bloggers make they don’t use their keyword in the places where it’s required the most and they use on all the other places
Take away  – Use your keywords in the places mentioned above and you will see dramatic improvements in your search engine rankings
4) Duplicate Content – This is the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018 as Google has become very strict and penalize websites which indulge in duplicate content issue, However way back there were times where you might get away by copying other people content but in 2018 you will not survive for long time and Google will ultimately penalize your blog or websites or even completely ban your blog from search engine results
Why this SEO mistakes most bloggers make because they are lazy in simple term and they don’t want to sit for 2 hours and write their blog posts and they choose to pick the shortcuts So they just simply copy and paste the articles from big popular blogs and paste them onto their blog but Google is more smarter then you  and they 9 out of 10 time they are going to penalize your either their algorithms will catch you or the copyright owner will file a DCMA complain against you So there is no shortcut to become blogging hero
Take away – Never do copy and pasting stuff on your blog and make sure that your blog contents are 100% original
5) Meta Keywords- Are you still using meta keywords on your blog or website then stop using it because Google is not giving any importance to meta keywords and they don’t have any effect on you Blog rankings in Google because many spammers use these meta keywords tags to optimize your blog for irrelevant keywords and manipulate the search engine rankings So Google don’t take meta keywords as ranking factor at all
Take away – Do give too much importance to meta keywords and it’s better to completely get rid of meta keywords tag
6) Image Alt Tags – This is again top SEO mistakes bloggers make and they don’t use alt tags for their images what they do is simply embed the image on their blog posts and leave it that way but do know know that search engines cannot read and recognize what’s your image is all about and using alt tags for your images will make them understand what is your image all about
You must be knowing that there are many people who are doing image searches and one way that your images will come up in the image results is by using relevant alt tags for your images and by doing this you will drive additional traffic to your blog or websites
Take away – So try to give descriptive alt tags to your images always
7) Thin Content – “Content is king” I am sure that you must have heard about this phrase many times and it’s very famous too but this does not mean that you must post thin content on your blog or websites and Google don’t like thin and low quality articles and many bloggers make this mistake they think that quantity matters not quality but the reality is exactly opposite now Google prefers quality over quantity no matter if you are having only 30 blog posts on your blog but if they are highly research and are of high quality then you are going to get good amount of traffic and higher rankings in search results
Many newbie bloggers are always in hurry to hit the publish button and get away with the post but what’s the point in having 100 blog posts on your blog which ranks on the 10 page of Google no point and complete waste of time and energy
Take away – Try to write good quality content with at least 500 words article
8) Blog Promotion – Writing blog posts regularly is good but if you are not promoting your blog properly then you are hampering your blog performance both in terms of traffic and attracting new readers to your blog
Like by only publishing your blog posts you might get the organic traffic to your blog posts but what from other sources like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest etc they are the biggest referral traffic sources for your blog or websites and you must promote your blog posts there as soon as you hit the publish button so that your blog followers will come to know that you are having new content for reading and this will drastically increase your traffic and will also get your more shares and likes which is another important Google ranking factor
Also you can send a mail to fellow bloggers in your niche that you have new article on your blog and chances are they will like and share your blog posts on their networks or might link back to your blog post
Take away – Start promoting your blog posts on various social media sites after publishing
9) Restrict Search Crawlers – This is again the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid which most bloggers make and even matt cutts has stated this on his video if you are not allowing your blog to be crawled by search bots then how your blog posts will be indexed in first place
You can check your robots.txt file to make sure that Google bots are able to access your blog site properly or you can also use Google webmaster tools like fetch as google bot to see whether Google bots are able to fetch your blog if not then that means you are restricting search bots to access your blog
Take away – Make sure that your blog is accessible and not blocked for search crawlers
10 ) Too Many Backlinks- Having high quality backlinks pointing to your blog or website is must to gain higher search engine rankings but building backlinks at unnatural speed might raise red flag in eyes of Google and they will think that you are using paid links to build backlinks to your blog So by doing this you are most likely to get penalized by Google penalties
Just think that if you have started blogging 2 months ago and your blog is having 1000’s of backlinks pointing, does it looks natural no forget Google even any one can come to know that either he is into paid links or using any black hat SEO techniques to build backlinks
Take away – Build high quality backlinks to your blog but make sure that it looks natural
11) Anchor Tags – This is the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018 and even pro bloggers are falling for this and get penalized by penguin update, Having to many over optimized anchor tags backlinks to your blog does not look natural and you will get penalized by Google and this again will give an idea that you are asking people to use a particular anchor text to link back to your blog
Think in a way that how it sounds that 9 out of 10 times the backlinks to your blog is of same anchor text doesn’t it look unnatural, to me it looks pretty unnatural So try to use variations of anchor text pointing to your blog by doing this you will be safe

Take away – Never overdo over optimized anchor text for backlinks and use different variations of anchor tags, once or twice is ok but not all the time maintain a good variations and this will make your backlinks profile look naturalBelow is the matt cutts video pointing top 3 to 5 SEO areas where most webmasters make the mistake


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