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The webmasters who are marketing their product through the internet always aim to get top ranking in search engines.  There is a strong belief in marketers that websites that appear at the top of the search engines will get more hits.  This belief is 100% true.  Every customer who searches the product or service through search engines will click the sites that appear at the first page.  Their belief is that websites that appear in first two pages of the search engine results sell high quality products.  So, if you are an entrepreneur, then you should definitely aim to get your website listed in the top of the search engines.

Many top rated companies in the internet use the technique White Hat Strategies to push their website to the top spot.  This powerful strategy focus to improve the ranking of your site in search engines and as well give importance to the readers who visit your website.  Many website owners who intend to do online business for many years adopt white hat strategies to maintain website ranking always at the top.

The main principle of white hat strategy is to develop the website organically and drive traffic naturally.  According to this SEO strategy you will not over stuff your website with too much of keywords to drag the attention of the search engines.  You will not spam the search engine spider in any other form, instead use only the genuine method to create traffic to your site.

Few efficient White Hat Strategies to improve your website ranking

1]       Article submissions are definitely a healthy way to increase traffic to your site.  The article should focus on true content with required amount of keyword included in it.  First you need to choose the keyword before creating the article to submit in various directories.  The keyword decides where your website is going to be in the search engine results.  The article should look great and interesting to read.

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So, when your article is ready, you should start submitting it to various popular directories.  US people prefer to directories to view articles.  One is ezinearticles and the other is articlebase.com.  These directories allow you to add your domain link at resource box.  If the content of your article can increase the trust in the minds of the audience, then probably you must be getting more hits through the backlink.

2]       One another effective method of SEO strategy is exchanging links with other popular sites.  Choose the top running sites to exchange your link.  This organic method of driving traffic to your site will fetch you good sales.

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3]       Forum posting and blogging will help you to gain potential customers.  Through blogging you can solve your customers problems or answer their query.  Choose the blogs that is similar to your business and leave your backlink there.  You will get good amount of customers naturally.

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Other than the above, you have various options to get good ranking in search engines.  Social networking sites are the right place to pick up the potential customers.  So, use the above white hat SEO strategies in your website and drive more people to your website increasing your search engine ranking.

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