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Search Engine Optimization is the most preferred method by the webmasters to increase their website rankings.  Various SEO techniques are followed by the webmasters to generate traffic to their site.  One of the old and popular SEO techniques is Meta Tags.  Even now many websites prefer to implement this concept in its website.  Whether Meta description is popular now also with the website owners?  What impact does it create in your website?  To know answers to all these queries continue to read this article.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are the information related to your business that is inserted at the top of your main webpage.  Meta tags are not visible to the browsers and it can be accessed only by search engine spiders.  Meta tags are derived using a keyword.  Search Engines picks up these sites based on the keyword that is included in the meta tag.

Meta Tags! How to use it?

Meta Tags are added in the header part of the HTML document.  The Meta Tags are generally used to increase search engine ranking.  So, to use it wisely, you should give priority to title, description and keywords.

Meta Title tag

The Meta Title tag will clearly explains the search engine about your business and products that is sold in your website.  The Meta Title tag should be created by using one or two primary keywords in that particular webpage.    Search Engines give importance to the first two or three words in the title and rank the sites based on it.  So, it is good to create a shorter title with strong keyword.  Some webmasters try to include more keywords in the meta title tag which will work against their website.  Search engines treat the sites as spammy that have included meta title tag with too much of keywords.

Meta Description Tag:

The description tag is the one that explains the information in your webpage.  Remember, the meta description partly or fully will be displayed in the search result page when the user search for the products or services that is related to your business.  So, make sure that you include the right keyword in this meta description.  For better performance in search engines, create your meta description tag with 150 characters.

Meta Keyword Tag:

Meta Keyword tags are inserted in the <head> portion of your main web page.  Meta keywords tags are easily recognized by the search engines and this is the one that drives people to view your webpages easily.  Search engines have limit to the number of meta keywords to be used, so it is better to use the specific keywords for your tag.

The keyword that is repeated again and again in your tag will lead to penalization by the search engines.  Search engines treat the websites as spam that uses the same keyphrase more times.

It is somewhat difficult to create meta tags that can drive users and as well as impress the search engine spider.  But, once you got the right meta tag with relevant keyword, your website ranking will improve in search engine as well as drive good amount of traffic.


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