seo page rank

Whether it is industry or educational institution, it is the person who gets the top rank is always honored.  Even employee who does the work efficient is always highlighted and exposed to other co-employees and public by giving awards & rewards.  The same is applicable in web world also.  Here, a website that gets top rank is given good traffic, good amount of potential customers, good sales and profit.  So, page ranking is very important for every corporate who aims to flourish in their business.

Search Engines are the one that expose the website and your business to the public.  If you want to develop your online business you should first increase your page ranking in the major search engines like google, yahoo, bing, msn etc.  Every user clicks the website that appears in the first page of the search result.  So, if you want to sell your products to the genuine customers, your website should appear within two pages of search results.  So, you should make some adjustments in your website using SEO concept to get listed in the top rankings.

One of the efficient and worthy Search Engine Optimization techniques is keyword content.  Some people mistake this keyword concept and use keyword repeatedly in their content to catch the top spot in search engines.  But, search engine robots treat the keyword overloaded sites as spam and ignore them while ranking the sites.  So, try to add the keyword to your content organically and naturally.  The keyword should be evenly distributed in your content.  Start from your title.  The title of your website is very important to get the attention of search engines.  The title should also contain your magical keyword to get noticed by search engine robots.

Next, will be your body of the content.  The content should be informatory and fresh.  Search engine spiders give top ranking to the sites that contains updated contents.  Keyword density should be balanced in the content.  Even though keyword density is not same for all search engines, the average level of keyword density is 2 to 3% of the total number of words in your content.  The content is the one that can keep your audience in your website for some time.  So, make it creative, easy to read & understand and useful.

Your website should follow the navigational guidelines to attract more audience.  Some webmasters dump or overload their website with more banner advertisement, pop up ads etc.  The website that has too many numbers of advertisements in a single web page will take more time to load.  These things may irritate your customer and they are most likely to move out of your site in such cases.  So, try to make your webpages user friendly.

The above are some of the essential SEO techniques that are necessary to raise your page ranking in search engines.  A website should look simple but should be included with some essential SEO techniques.  Casual and simple sites are always given top ranking by the search engines.  A good page rank can definitely help you to increase sales of your website.


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