Reasons to update wordpress web page

When talking about the use of content management systems we always end up referring to WordPress, and is that WordPress has become popular around the world; A large part of the websites that currently exist operate under this Internet content management system.

It is not surprising that people prefer WordPress, since it is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use content managers in existence.

If we compare WordPress with Joomla, for example, we will notice the difference by just entering the admin section; While in Joomla one must give many laps to publish new content or update the existing, in WordPress everything is straightforward and uncomplicated.
Even when WordPress is designed to create Blog-like web pages (entries or articles), there is also the possibility of developing projects as complex as a virtual store.
Aesthetically speaking, with WordPress you can give the appearance you want to your website and that helps you to differentiate yourself from the rest, especially in the case of hiring the design of your page to Web designers WordPress.
All this adds up for people to prefer.
Now, in this case we will not talk about how good WordPress is, because you know that it is a good system for content management. Rather, I come to talk about why it would be important to update the WordPress system you work with.
WordPress works in a similar way to how an application would work on your mobile, that is, new versions are coming out over time which means an improvement in its functioning or aesthetics.
I keep talking about the applications for mobile, because the analogy is valid, and I put as an example the application of Facebook for Android, which in its beginnings was simply disliked by everyone, Today some still hate it for the low performance it has. The truth is that this application has been updated again and again to improve the user experience and have seen effective results. Its creators are aware of the errors that the application has and along with our reports of failures, are solving and improving in each new update.
There is nothing wrong with your current version of WordPress, that’s not the problem, but surely the new version is even better than the previous one and that means that you and your visitors will have a better experience browsing your website.
Yes; WordPress updates as a system, mean a continuous improvement of its features, which makes it more fit. In fact, I dare say WordPress is so popular thanks to it is constantly updated.
Speaking of WordPress updates, we must understand that there are three blocks where updates are possible; Are the main elements of this system and are known as:

  • The system, the heart of WordPress itself. In English known as “core”.
  • The theme, the design template. In English known as “theme”.
  • The plugins, that is to say the subprograms that extend the functions of the Web page.

When we talk about the system, it is about updates of the general characteristics of it, that is, the bases of WordPress. WordPress takes out a system update whenever it deems it necessary and, usually, announces that such an update is available.
Many people are afraid of updating WordPress for the same reason they are afraid of updating mobile apps: they may mean a waning, but you will never know if you do not try it. There have been known cases where WordPress system updates affect how the page works, but many times it is because the other elements are not up to date.
As for the updates of the plugins, I can tell you that they can be, more or less periodic, as considered by its creator. Typically, popular plugins are updated frequently, either to repair bugs and bugs or to provide better functionality.
As for updating WordPress themes, it is less common, I personally never see very few theme updates, but there are. Especially, when a theme has a lot of time loaded in the WordPress database without having any updates, WordPress warns you if you want to download.
You should keep in mind that if a topic is not updated periodically, it will not be compatible with the most current versions of WordPress, or at least not in its entirety. Remember that the theme of WordPress is what puts your website face and is often updated to optimize the load of the site, an aspect that becomes important for the positioning.
Reasons to Upgrade WordPress
We have reached the most anticipated section of all.
Tell yourself that while your web page is going to have better performance and performance after you apply an update, the security issue also comes into play.


This is the situation, WordPress is an open source content management system, and that means, in simple words, that anyone can get you started.
Now, if I am a hacker trying to paste into WordPress sites, I would just have to analyze the code that is at first glance and determine what are the weak points of the system – that exist – and devise a way to violate the system. That affects you because your site would be prone to such a threat.
Updating the WordPress system prevents your site from being prone to an attack on your security, because updates are improving the weaknesses in it. Remember that I told you that updates are made based on errors encountered by developers and reports from system users.
If you decide not to update your system and it turns out that someone with the solution to violate the systems with the version you have installed, you run the risk of being one of its victims.

Page speed

I’ve already told you a bit about the loading speed of your webpage and how it affects your positioning, but it’s time to expand that information.
To make the story short, search engines look for Web pages to load as quickly as possible, as that is a better experience for their users. All page administrators, who are concerned with improving the loading speed of their web page and achieve this, are successfully rewarded in the algorithms that a search engine uses to display the results.
It is as simple as that, of two pages that have the same value for the search engine, it is going to show first that it is loaded faster, or that is what is thought. However, the loading speed often depends on how the page is designed; What is looking for the update of WordPress is to make the design more and more optimally, although I must say that the selection of the template plays a fundamental role.

Bug fixes

We have already talked enough about the errors in systems as mobile applications and how their solution makes the user experience better.
In the case of WordPress the experience that seeks to improve is that of the system administrator, because many times it is true that not everything goes perfectly to our control panel WordPress.
Now, some errors in the operation of the control panel of WordPress are not generated by a problem with the system, but by the use of some plugin that is not compatible; If you have problems with your WordPress discards that is caused by some plugin.


Compatibility is of paramount importance, especially when talking about themes and plugins. That is to say, it does not make sense to say that you update the system because it is not compatible with the subject, the thing is rather the other way around.
Many times, plugins are not compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and that causes a malfunction.
Personally I passed with a plugin that placed thumbnails in the sidebar of WordPress; The plugin was incompatible with the version of the system and caused an error when creating new pages and individual entries.
Another thing to keep in mind is that, between themes and plugins, there are incompatibilities. It is always advisable to install plugins that claim to be compatible with the theme you have installed; Many new issues may have compatibility issues with plugins.
As you will see, updating WordPress is necessary; There are compelling reasons to do so. Above all I advise you not to be afraid to try the new update, because I tell you that the improvement is always sought.
In the case that an update comes with an error that did not have the previous versions is usually take an update where the error is fixed.
The truth is that everything on the Internet evolves and we must be open to changes, as we seek continuous improvement. I know that, above all, the security issue interests you and even worries you, and therefore that is the main reason anyone could be interested in updating the operating system of your website.
If you have doubts when updating your WordPress, remember that we are at your disposal for what you need. Also, remember that we offer all kinds of maintenance plans, updating and optimization of WordPress Web pages.


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