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Why you need to improve your ranking in google search engines?  Every webmaster knows the secret of search engine ranking.  It is the one that is going to fetch you potential customers, drive traffic, improve your sales and increase the profit. A website that gets its position in the first two pages will be the one that earns huge profit.  So, if you have not initiated any steps to improve your ranking in google search engines, you should definitely read this article.

There are various techniques to get best ranking in google search engine.  One such easy technique is registering your domain for more than 1 year.  When your domain name is registered with Google for long term (for 5 to 10 years), google accept you as a long term customer and offer you the best gift.  Yes, your website will be given priority in search engine results.  You will get top ranking in the search engine results through this simple technique.

You could have heard about various onpage and offpage SEO techniques than can improve your website ranking in google search engines.  Here is the list of techniques that can help you to increase your sales.

Keyword and SEO

There cannot be any website that is optimized without using the keyword concept.  Google search engines shuffle and rank the websites based on the keyword added in your web content.  Every page of your website should be evenly spread with the keyword to get better result in search engines.  Since, google and other search engines changes the algorithm in regular intervals, it is your prior responsibility to run behind search engines and find out what the search engine spider is doing in the internet.

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 Content and its effects

The content you write for your website should not be spammy.  It should be useful for your customers or give solution to their problems.  The main thing is that your content should be updated in frequent intervals.  Search engines choose the website that provides fresh content.  The content you create should also contain keywords to create good impact in search engines.

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 Meta description

The meta description is nothing but describing the contents and business of your website shortly. Meta description will be written in one or two lines. Meta description should be derived using the search engine optimization keywords.

Off-Page optimization:

Article submission directories, forums, blogs, social networking sites are some of the places where you can submit articles or blogs and leave your domain address.  Article submission is the best way to drive traffic naturally.  Especially, social networking sites will be visited by more potential customers.  So, visiting these sites and leaving backlink at these sites will drive traffic to your site.  E-mail marketing is also an SEO technique that comes under offpage optimization.

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So, if you want your website to be at the top of the search engines, then you need to follow several SEO techniques.  Apart from that, your website should also gain the trust of google.  You can raise the popularity of your website instantly and improve ranking in google search engines


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