seo tips and tricks

I am going to show you real seo tips. I write this article from my personal experience.

On-Page Seo Tips

1. Add keyword in title. This is one of the most important factor to rank 1st in google. This is very common seo tip.

2. Add keyword in content. You can use your keyword for every 100 words. If you write 1000 words article, use your targeted keyword atleast 10 times.

3. Add keyword in navigation links.

4. Make website with atleast 20 pages. So visitors get related information. For example if I want to target my website for seo tips, I will try to include many posts related seo.

5. Write original content. Good and original content play important role in seo. Your content must full fill visitor’s expectation. He should be happy with the information provided.

6. Add keyword in domain. If you have exact domain, you can easily ranke 1st for that keyword with little seo. No need to worry if you don’t find exact match domain. You can choose domain like this. I want to target “best seo blog” keyword. But is not available. So I take domain

7. Include keyword in file name.

8. Get link from your internal pages. Internal backlinks play important role in seo. It will help google to find important page in your website.

9. Update your website regularly. This will make lot of difference. Not only update your website but also update your targeted page regularly. This will show google that you care about the content on that page.

10. Add image or video on page. Video is better. People stick on your website to view video.

Off-Page Seo Tips:

Once your website is ready, you will need to do off-page optimization. Backlink is main factor of off-page seo. You need to get your page linked from other website. Google see the links as vote. I will let you know how to get more and more links from different domains and different ips.

1. Write articles and submit it to or These are high trusted article directories. Nothing will happen with one or two articles. Write atleast 50 to 100 articles. You will need few hundred or even thousands of backlinks from different domain.

2. You can use article distribution services like or This will help to get backlinks from different ips.

3. You can get backlinks from forums. But this will give you few backlinks from same ip. The problem with forums and community is you have to contribute in it. So article writing is better option for seo.

4. Use your keyword as anchor text. When you get backlink, your link should look like Seo Tips


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