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Many bloggers ask how to protect website from negative SEOhow to stop negative seohow to prevent website against negative SEO then let me tell you that it’s very good question to ask specially if you website is very popular with good rankings in search engines and getting loads of organic traffic and there are many competitors who wants to put your website down in the rankings so that they can climb up and make their places or to make more sales believe me or not there are many jealous bloggers and webmasters out there who will do anything to make your website sink in the Google search results

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So if you are beginner blogger who has just started your website or blog then this post will be very helpful to protect website against negative SEO but before getting in to the details and steps we can do to stop negative SEO we will see what is negative SEO and what tactics spammers are using to negative SEO others blog sites

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What is Negative SEO

Negative SEO means that other bloggers and webmaster intentionally use black hat techniques and other spamming methods to bring your website ranking down or get penalized from Google penalty

Methods used to do negative SEO for websites

1) Building Low Backlinks –  Creating tons of low quality backlinks pointing to your websites or blog, and if you go on fiverr there you will find many gigs who will take 5 dollars to build thousands of backlinks even some are doing to take you down

protect website against negative seo

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2) Duplicate Content – What competitors and spammers do is that they copy all your content and paste them in different low quality spammy websites and blogs which might put your original content in the queue for duplicate content penality

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3) Exact Match Anchors – I am sure that you must be know that in 2017 the best link building methods is to avoid exact match anchors text tags to point to your website but spammers will deliberately use thousands of exact match anchor text to point towards your blog sites

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4) Hacking – Well hackers are all around with crazy thinking and always find new ways to exploit the world wide web they can easily hack your website and delete all your content or directories which will be a disaster for any website owner and all their hard work is gone

So these are the most popular ways how spammers negative SEO a website and can really put your website in black hole and all your traffic, rankings, sales and online reputation will get drained but don’t worry in this post I am going to show you how to protect website /  blog from negative SEO and what measures you can take to protect your website against negative SEO

Ways To Stop & Protect Website Against Negative SEO

protect website from negative seo

Below are the 6 best ways to stop website negative SEO and keep your blog site safe and secure after all
Prevention Is Better Than Cure So lets see one by one now
1) Monitor backlinks – This is most important step in protecting your website from negative SEO and you must regularly check your website backlinks profile by this way you will find any low quality backlinks pointing towards your website and you can remove them One tool which you can use to monitor your backlinks is ahrefs or monitorbacklinks
2) Contact Webmaster – Once you find the bad links you can then contact the website owner to remove that backlinks pointing to your website and I think many webmasters will remove that if you websites ranking is getting affected by that particular link
3) Webmaster Tools Notification – I am sure you must be using webmaster tools to monitor various metrics regarding your websites so why not to get this information also you can set up email notifications to receive automatically regarding important issues and problems with your websites performance for this
a) Go to webmaster tools
b) Click on webmaster tools preference
c) check the box which states Enable email notifications and hit save button below and you will get all important information and issues regarding your website
4) Google Disallow Tools – If you are unable to manually remove the bad backlinks pointed towards your websites or if the webmaster is not helping you out to remove that backlinks then Google disavow tools is one of the best tool and can help Google to not take that particular backlink into consideration
What you can do is that create or download all your backlinks which you don’t want to point to your website and submit the URL in Google disavow tool so Google will not take that backlink value into consideration and this works wonderfully and it will usually take around 2  to 4 weeks to take effect
5) Check Plagiarism – You must be know that there are many lazy blogger and webmaster who don’t want to build their own content  and they usually scrape other website contents and post in their blogs but this might work against website SEO performance if that content is posted in thousands of low quality websites and blogs So you must make sure that you content is not copied anywhere else without your permission and the the tool which I am using is Copyscape which will show you where your website content is being copied
6) Online Enemy – Don’t turn you competitors into online enemies as this will even make their intentions more brutal and they will go all out against your website and will make sure that you website is tagged with famous Google penalty So even if you have competitors who you can sense are trying to overtake you, you start working harder to make sure that you stay at the top but don’t turn them into enemies
Below is the official video from matt cutts speaking about negative seo effects
So these are the best ways & methods to protect website against negative SEO and if you website has got affected by negative SEO then use the above mentioned methods and you website will be fine, I hope you like this post on how to protect website from negative SEO and if I have forget to specify any other ways then please let me know via comments and last but not the least don’t forget to subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks for beginners


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