proper keyword research

How to make proper keyword research

To popularize your online business, first you should get vicinity to your website.  The website that comes within first two pages of search engine results will turn into a popular site driving more traffic.  How to get this vicinity?  The keyword decides the ups and downs of your website in search engine ranking.  Whether it is your blog or website, you need to use the proper keyword research in your website.  This article will tell you the benefits of keywords and how to use it.

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Whether you are writing content for your website or blogs, you should give importance to the keywords you include in your site.  So, before you start writing the content, look for the best keyword or keyphrase that is popular in search engines.  Now let me give you tips to write your article by using the keyword.

1.  Every qualified person cannot write an article.  A person who has lots of creativity and capable writing the article with natural flow will be able to provide a professional article.  Especially, spreading keywords in the content is not an easy job.  So, choose a creative freelancer who is familiar with the keyword usage and can make proper keyword research

2.   The article writer should be able to derive a good title using the keyword.

3.     The keyword density should be maintained by the writer in the keyword.  If the keyword limit exceeds, then search engine will avoid your website and your website is likely to go the bottom of the search results.

4.     The article writer should be able to write articles on different topics.  A writer who has knowledge in creating articles on various topics like health, skin care, web hosting , SEO etc. will definitely know to use the right keyword at the right spot.

5.    You should do some research to choose your keyword for your website.  The keyword should not be selected without research, because the keyword you choose should be the one liked by the search engine spider and the one used by the audience in search engine box.

6.    Use keyword research tool that is offered free by the google.  The keyword research tool will give you complete statistics on how the keyword is used, how many users have used the same keyword etc.

7.   If you are creating contents for your website, then first use the keyword in the title, meta description and body of the content.

8.     Make sure that the anchor text is included with the keyword related to your niche.

9.    Use the keyphrase in the title, first line and last line of your content.

10.    Do not overload the content with keywords.  The keyword density depends on the number of words in the content.  But, the keyword density should not exceed 5% of the total words in the content.  The best option is to add 2 to 3% of the keyword density.

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These are some of the keyword tips that have to be followed while creating an article.  An article created with right selection of keyword and fresh content always has edge in search engines so use this tips to make proper keyword research for your business or blog


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