How to Promote Clickbank Products in 8 Steps

how to promote clickbank products

How to promote Clickbank Products – ClickBank

Affiliate marketing, Blogging and ClickBank each correspond to a reasonable and decent way to make money online.

The method is very straightforward. Let us take Click Bank as an example.

Someone create a useful product and desires to sell it. He or she uses ClickBank in order to achieve some of those sales. Affiliates (like you and me) endorse that product, in return they offer some commission for each sale we do, for example the product is of $50, when you sell it you may get up to 75% of commission (Commission depends on the product and Vendor) that means you can generate up to $37 for each sale. Promotional methods may vary from person to person. It depends on their interest of promotion and budget in hand.

You can use blog/website traffic or email list or write a review on the product that you are trying to sell. The best way to sell a product is to be a buyer of the product, buy it, know the product write a review and promote. You can approach PPC ad networks with desired keywords and which is one of the best ways to generate profits from Click Bank.

If you want to use Blog traffic and target Click bank products, here are few fundamentals for the newbie .

Step 1: Clickbank niche finder

Don’t try to promote all the products at a time, first of all know your interests from the list of categories on the Click Bank.  There are many categories like health, dating, Online Business and Software etc., If you have some knowledge on any of these categories try to pick that one so that it would be easy to write articles or emails to promote.

Short list some of the niches in which you have interest, and do some keyword research using  tools available online and find out the best (Low competition and Moderate Traffic and which suits your short listed category) available keyword  and try to buy a good domain name which suits your product.

Step 2: Find best Clickbank products

After picking up your category, now its time to check some products on the marketplace of click bank. Find out the best product by using filters, use gravity  and you can get number of products , do research by going to their sales page and check whether they have affiliate tools like articles , email text messages and Banners .  Some products are country specific so look at those carefully.  And most important is if you want to promote your products on mobile websites, check out for mobile compatibility of the product.

Pick up one product and check out the results on search engines for the keywords which you want to use.  It helps you to analyze the competition for the product and may change the plan of promotion.

Step 3: Choosing Perfect Domain to promote Clickbank Products

Some people and articles suggest you to take an Exact Match Domain for your niche or product . EMD e.g.: if you want to promote Surveys, you may take

Well, this kind of approach on SEO may not useful as Google turned off these factors,  but may useful sometimes as this kind of domain names are easy to remember and visitor may comeback , don’t pick a hard to remember domain names like or with hyphens.

If you are targeting a country specific product or service, try to pick a domain with that county extension.  Like


Step 4: Selecting the Best Hosting for your Domain

promoting clickbank product with best web hosting

The three basic things you have now, a niche, products and a domain name.  Now we need web hosting services. It is advised to take a country specific web hosting, which offers more speed.

There are make web hosting services available online, which offer cheaper hosting services and with many features.

You can check one of the best hosting service company Host Gator which gives you many features for less money.  You can use Fantastico service through which you can easy install CMS like WordPress or Joomla or others.

We Recommend : Hostgator Webhosting Service


Step 5 : A Good Web Design Can Make Wonders

promoting clickbank product with responsive web design

Web Design plays an important role in generating traffic, as the looks are not only important but proper structure of the website helps you to achieve your goal easily . Never choose themes with flash, search for inbuilt Search Engine Optimized and themes which loads faster .

Step 6 : Write articles about clickbank product 

Now the basic structure of your plan has been created, its time to write some unique and informative articles on your blog. Start finding niche topics which are related to your product or service that you want to sell and try to write a lengthy article with attractive titles and informative things.

Divide your blog into different categories, for example  if you choose Health Niche,  try to generate categories that you shortlisted at the beginning ,   Eg : Weight loss, Hair Growth, Increase Height,  Yoga , Meditation ,  and make sure Reviews will be one of the category.

Try to buy the product that you want to sell and write real reviews on it. It’s a productive method.

Encourage visitors to share articles using social buttons or to subscribe with you to generate email list.

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Step 7: Social Media Marketing to get Authority and Audience

Make sure, you have a good amount of content before going to market your blog. Blogs with less content may have a negative impact.

Now that you have a good content you should start this step of marketing. Before marketing your content it is advised to create your blog profile on each and every social media available online.

For Eg:  create a facebook page, twitter account, tumbler , stumbleupon , google+ page and many others. And make sure you have listed these on your website with icons.

Try to find out some niche forums and be active on those forums, as these forums have signatures from which we can market our product as well as get some high authority backlinks.

If you have an attractive titles with good looking images, when you share your links on social platforms, it will be automatically re-shared thus providing your blog exposure to wide range of audience.

Step 8: List building for your niche -Email marketing

Never lose your visitor, make him your subscribers using some exit intent popup scripts which are available online. Syndicate these plugins with email marketing services like Aweber or others and try to attract your subscribers slowly with nice email newsletters.

Remember, there are free and paid services available, and free services have limited features. If you want to achieve big, then you must go with premium versions.

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Remember that I have given the fundamental overview of how to use blogging to generate click bank revenue.


Each topic involves research and in-depth analysis of each topic may result in high profits.

Without proper tools and services it is somewhat difficult to achieve your goal of earning $50 per day.

Rome was not built in a day and No goal is achieved spontaneously,  it takes time. Do the things with proper plan, recheck older posts and method and optimize with new techniques that you will find in course of time, and some day you will get the results that you dreamed of.

There are many other ways through which you can earn from click bank  without website .

Youtube is the main source , upload your personal review of the product and try to impress the audience to buy that product by placing affiliate links in the description.

Paid Advertising is the most productive method for achieving faster results in click bank affiliate marketing. People use free credits offered by adwords and bing ads and start their PPC marketing campaign for the desired keywords directly links to your hop link.

Note : This method involves much budget and improper use of keywords and titles may lead to zero income.

Tip :  Some people promote Health products which need suits adult traffic. and this traffic is cheaper than other.  And get the best results using skills of Banner and Text ads.

this is how to promote clickbank products, and if want to promote products, you need to buy and test it.

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