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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an easy technique that can be implemented in any website to strengthen it, expose it to audience and generate traffic etc.  This cost effective SEO techniques if implemented with professional touch in your website can do great wonders in your online business.  SEO technique will workout for all websites including e-commerce and affiliate marketers sites.  SEO is nothing but to get website from the bottom of the search results to the top position.  When your website gets noticed by many users, automatically your website will start generating traffic.

1]       Even before you start exercising the search engine optimization techniques you should have the three essential tools with you.  You need a keyword research tool, Analytics Software and Webmaster Tools.  Google offers keyword research tool and analytics software at free of cost.

2]       Keyword research tools is very important because, keyword is the one that shows your website to the search engine spider.  With keyword research tool you can select a suitable keyword for your business.  This keyword should be used in your title, header tags and content.  So, without keyword research tool you cannot design your website with SEO techniques.

3]       Webmasters tool are the one that monitor and informs you the working conditions of your website.  This tool will highlight the issues like speed of your website, broken links if any and other navigational issues.  So, in case if your website faces any problem and the customers find it difficult to visit your webpage, then you can use this tool to solve the problems.

4]       Analytics tool is the one that can help you to find out the condition and position of your website in search engines.  After implementing SEO concepts, you need to follow it and find out how it is functioning.  You also need to find out that how your keyword works and what rank is allotted by search engines.  You can watch your ranking growth using this analytics software.

5]       Other than the above tools, every website that needs to top the search engine results should concentrate on deriving the content.  The content you post in your webpage is given 70% importance by the search engine spider while allotting a rank to your site.  The content should be keyword included one.  The content should be easy to understand and informatory.  The keyword density is also a vital one for your webcontent.  So, try to keep 2 to 3% of keyword density in the body of the content.  Every web page of your site should have different keyword and you should post relevant content using that particular keyword.

6]       Inbound links are also essential part of SEO which need to be implemented to increase the website traffic.  Creating traffic through other sites, blogs, forums, social networking sites, article submission directories are mostly used by the webmasters.  Increasing traffic by utilizing the above SEO techniques will not only increase traffic to your website, but also through backlinks your website will get more potential customers and vicinity in search engines.


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