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If you are looking for PPT, PDF, Document Sharing and Submission Sites to submit your work then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share top & best ppt , pdf & document sharing and submission sites list, you must be know that how important it’s to drive traffic to your blog or website and there are many bloggers and webmasters who are using all sort of different strategies and techniques to increase traffic to their blogRead – Guest Blogging Sites List

One mistakes which most beginner blogger make is that if they want to increase their blog traffic they have to write more content Yes! that is absolutely true but the amount of traffic would be limited which is from organic searches but if you want to really boost your traffic so have to diversify your blog traffic sources and use different methods to get traffic and backlinks to your blog So in this post I am going to share best free ppt, pdf document submission sites list of 2017 where you can submit your files for free and generate lots of referral traffic and backlinks to your blog or website

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And the amount of traffic and backlinks you can get from this document sharing sites is great since there are my people who want ppt files, pdf files for their own presentation or for doing any research So by submitting your informative ppt and pdf files on these free document submission sites list will be great to earn new backlinks for your blog, This is fairly new technique which only few bloggers are using but I highly recommend you to use this strategy

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Lets say for example you have a pdf file and you have shared them with all the free document sharing and submission sites list then one trick you can do here is embed links to your important blog posts and pages so that the more number of people will download your files the more traffic you are going to get and really it’s awesome technique also you can provide free pdf files to download for your readers which will drastically increase your blog subscribers So lets see the best document sharing and submission sites list of 2017

Free PPT, PDF, Document Sharing and Submission Sites List 2017

1) Free PPT ( Powerpoint) Sharing Sites

PPT Sharing / Submission Sites List

2) Free PDF Files Sharing Sites

PDF Submission / Sharing Sites List
So friends these are free ppt, pdf document sharing and  submission sites list of 2017 were you can submit your files for free but don’t submit other copyright material instead submit your original work So that you ppt or pdf files get accepted easily and you don’t have to face any problems, If you know any other free files sharing or hosting sites then do let me know via comments and I will include them in my post! So Enjoy


  1. Thanks for the great list..the sites look good. hope those sites will build some quality backlinks for my website.


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