on page seo checklist

SEO or Search Engine Optimization! Is there any website in the internet that is without using this concept?  Every profit making online business will definitely use the SEO techniques.  Some webmasters fail to utilize the most important and essential SEO technique in their website and just because of it they lose their ranking.  In this article you will learn about two essential SEO techniques necessary for your website.

The two important techniques are: on-page optimization and off-page optimization.  On-page SEO techniques are the one that is done within your site.  This includes title, content, keyword usage, meta description etc.  So, onpage optimization is creating, developing and structuring your website according to the search engine optimization techniques.


The title of your webpage should be optimized with the keyword that speaks on your business.  Search engine spiders look at these keywords that are included in the title while websites are crawled.

Meta Description

This is also one of the important onpage optimization of your site which many business people fail to concentrate.  Meta description should be created with two lines that should describe shortly about your business.


This is the main part of the onpage optimization.  The content should not be the one just to attract the audience.  It should be informative, creative and interesting to read.  The content should be organically filled with keywords.  This means you are not supposed to overload the content with keyword or keyphrase.  Contents that are not attractive to the search engine spider will go to the bottom of the search engine results.

Another one is offpage optimization, that is done out of your site to drive traffic to your site.  Offpage optimization is the method of link building from various sites to your site.

Article Submission

You can submit articles in popular article submission directories and drive the audience to your site through link building.  Article submission directories allow every webmaster to place their domain link at the end of the article.  So, articles with good content will fetch best results.


Post blogs in sites that is related to your product or business.  Comment the blog and leave your backlink to create traffic and attract potential customers to your site.

E-mail Marketing

You can send automated mails to various clients informing about your company, latest products and offers available and leave a backlink at the end of the mail.  Interested customers will contact you by clicking the link and visit your website to know more.

Other than this, you can also use forum sites, social networking sites to generate traffic to your site.  Social networking sites will be filled with potential users, so the customers you gain through these sites are sure to purchase your product or avail the service.  At present, video is also considered by the search engine spiders while ranking the sites, hence many business people have started using video marketing also.  Without onpage and offpage SEO techniques, a website will not be picked up by the search engine robots.  For better results, the contents should be changed frequently.


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