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How To OutRank Your Competition In Google Easily

If you are wondering how to outrank your competition in Google or how to outrank a website which are your competitors in Google then in this post I am going to share you some handy but effective tips and tricks so that you can easily outrank your competition in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines,

In this ever competing online world you cannot just relax and sit back thinking that I am now comfortable sitting on first page of Google or I am happy where I am many times Google will surprise you or you might even get surprised to see that you website ranking dropped 10 to 20 places in Google it happens

Possible reasons might be that either your competitors have outranked your website or you must be doing something wrong with your website in terms of SEO we never know the exact reasons and there are also many occasions where we are stuck in a position and we never move up the SERP’s results it happens and has happened with me and if you are in this same position or you want to outrank your competition blog in Google then this is the post for you

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Many times it happens that you can climb up the SERP’s results pretty quickly say for example from 10th to 3rd or more likely to 2nd page but after that you find it hard to really overtake your competitiors websites and all the websites and blog which are on 1st or 2nd page of Google are of high quality

So beating them is not an easy task but if we plan our strategy properly then surely you can do it and this is was we are going to discuss in this post

How To OutRank A Website & Your Competition In Google


1) Content – Now you must be thinking that I know without content how will I rank in Google but let me tell you that having content is also categorized in 2 types one is quality content and other is low quality or thin content and this is where many beginner blogger’s make mistake they think that I am having lots of content on my blog then why I am ranking lower than my competitors

Well the reason is that it doesn’t matter how much content you are having on your blog site if you content is not of high quality and which nobody want’s to share or link to then you are likely to be ranked low as compared to your competitors websites So I would recommend to you if you have just started blogging to focus more on content because at the end ” content is king” or sorry I have to change this quote  ” Quality content is king” Now it fine!!

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2) Backlinks – Well to outrank your competition in Google you must build backlinks to your blog but this does not mean that you must build hundreds of thousands of low quality backlinks as this is not going to help your website to have good rankings what matters is the quality of the backlinks which you are building and this will greatly influence how higher you website will get ranked in search engine results page

Literally I have seen many beginner bloggers who simply get into wrong link building strategy and build 1000’s of backlinks to their blogs without caring about the quality of the backlinks and scratch their head thinking that I am having more backlinks then my competitors website then why I am not able to outrank them

The answer to your question is simple ” Quality of Backlinks” , You competitors might be having less backlinks then your website but the amount of backlinks which they might be having would be of  very high quality and authority sites So plan your link building strategy properly and focus on acquiring more high quality backlinks from authority sites

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3) Spy your competition – Yes if you want to outrank a website then you have to act like a FBI detective which means that you have to keep a close eye on from where you competitors are getting new backlinks as well as what type of content they are writing on their blogs and you can walk in that same direction

One way to spy your competitors backlinks it to use tools like ahrefs, moniterbacklinks, Semrush to get the information about their backlinks, even though these are paid tools but every penny you are going to spend will definitely going to pay off surely

4) Be Better – One simple trick to outrank your competition in Google is become better blogger or webmaster then your competition which means write better content, build better backlinks, promote your blog posts more than your competitors you overall goal should be to deliver more what your competitors are delivering then automatically you will see the difference and you will be surprised to see that you indeed outranked most of your competition in Google

5) Do Guest Posting- This trick is really very effective if you use it properly what you have to do is to find other high ranking blogs and authority websites in your niche and do guest posting on their blog which will ultimately earn you backlinks as well as you will get new readers for your blog and this is great way to reach new audience as well as snatch decent amount of readers from your competitors

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6) Build Link Slowly – Lets say that you want to outrank a page about ” blogging tips for beginner” which is not yours so first thing which you are going to monitor is the backlinks to that particular page and try to replicate them but do it smartly like suppose that page is having 100 dofollow inbound links

So don’t just go and build links all in one day only as this will look suspicious if you backlinks profile is not used to that pattern of frequency instead build your backlinks slowly like 10 backlinks per day and you will definitely outrank any website on the internet even authority sites as well

7) On page SEO – Now this again is one of the biggest Google ranking factors which determines you will be able to outrank your competition in Google or not and you must do your on page SEO optimization properly make sure that you are using your main keyword in meta title, meta description and few times in the content

But don’t go overboard and this is where many beginner bloggers make mistake and they simple end up with keyword stuffing and Google hates this and might penalize you for keyword stuffing, Make sure that you keyword density is below or equal to 3% which is ideal

How To OutRank Authority Sites

Ranking authority sites in google is not easy but if you plan your SEO and content writing strategy then surely you are going to see good results, what I want to tell you that if you are thinking to outrank sites like moz, searchenginejournal or wikipedia then forget about

Why because they are so big websites and they have been on internet for years and they are having tons of backlinks pointing to them nearly every SEO related articles are ranking on the first page of Google, well friends I am not trying to scare you but this is reality literally they can rank on first page of google with 100 words articles

What I mean to say here is that you can also reach that point of authority after few years but during initial stages you must pick low authority competitors and gradually as the time progress you will start to compete against these big gaints and it boils down to the point that you have to pick realistic goals and work properly

But matts cutts has to say how a small website can outrank bigger websites

So friends this were few tips and tricks on how to outrank your competition in Google and I am pretty confident that if you will follow all the above mentioned steps then surely you can outrank a website easily even authority sites in your niche, If you know any other strategy which is working for you then do share with me below as I love to hear from your side and don’t forget to share and subscribe for more blogging tips and tricks! Happy Blogging and Enjoy



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