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Internet browsers use specific keyword or keyphrase to search their requirements in the internet. They click and view the search results.  Always the website that appears in the first page will get more hits and sales.  So, it is the responsibility of the webmasters to make their website appear in the first page of the search engine results.  A website that uses the SEO techniques is always shown at the top of the search engines.  In this article you will learn the onsite and offsite SEO techniques that can create good traffic to your website.

OnSite SEO Techniques

*        Keyword or keyphrase usage in the content

Since the audience use a specific keyword or keyphrase to search the product they need, your article/content should be filled with proper keyword.  First, the keyword should be closely related to your business and secondly the keyword should be repeated here and there in the content several times.  The most important thing is that the title of your article should also contain the keyword. The keyword usage on your webpage is done to grab the attention of the search engine spider.

*        Creating Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy and About Pages

All the three will increase the reputation of your website and will enable the search engine to award the best ranking in search results.  It is easy to create Private Policy and Disclosure Policy as you will find ready to use templates in the internet.  You just need to copy and paste them in your website and fill the details.  And in the similar way, ‘About Page’ is nothing but explaining the customers what is your business, what product you are selling through this web page.

*        Creating Organic Content

Like keyword, content will be given more weightage by the search engine spiders.  Search Engine Spiders always give the top rank to the website that holds organic content.  The organic content here means giving healthy and worthy news to the audience.  The content should be latest and should be offering solution to the customers.  The content should be naturally sprinkled with keyword.  Using keyword too many number of times in the same line may turn your website as spammy.

OffSite Optimization

*        Healthy Backlinks

The most important and must SEO technique that is done outside your website is creating healthy backlinks.  A website that creates one quality backlink is equal to creating hundreds of quantity backlinks.  So, never try to create spam links or links through unpopular sites.  I highly recommend you to choose the popular sites or blogs that is related to your business and create links through them.  There are various ways to create backlinks.  You can use blogging platforms, forum posting sites, social bookmarking sites, article submission directories etc. to create backlinks and drive traffic to your site.  Press Releases are also effective SEO techniques used by the webmasters to convey the product launch and offers message to the public.

As I said earlier, search engines love fresh articles and contents.  A website duplicate contents will be filtered by the google search engine spiders.


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