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If you are searching for On page SEO checklist, techniques and factors then you are going to read on of the best articles about on page SEO techniques, on page SEO factors but for beginners let me tell that don’t get confused with on page SEO and off page SEO techniques.

They are entirely different entities which I will discuss in another post but this post is going to share the best on page optimization techniques which you must apply to your blog site posts and pages to make your blog posts and pages more SEO friendly.

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However, most of the Google rankings factors is focused on on-page SEO techniques and factors also if to make your blog site complete SEO friendly which Google will love.

Then you must apply both on page SEO and off page SEO techniques to ensure that the overall aspect of search engine optimization is done.

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So distribute your efforts on both on page SEO and off page SEO and I am sure that your blog site will climb the ladders of Google and knock your competitors down in no time.

So in this post, I am going to share best on page SEO checklist, techniques and factors So without wasting much time let dive in straight on the topic of the blog post.

On Page SEO Checklist, Techniques & Factors

So let’s break each section and we will see each of them one by one because this topic is my favorite and mind you this post is going to be long so that you well get the complete on page SEO tips and tricks.

I want, to make this post as much detailed as possible and it will be the best SEO optimization tips for beginners.

What is on page SEO Optimization

On page SEO is the search engine optimization technique which you are applying on your blog or website posts and pages, and it’s one of the most important Google ranking factors.

The ranking potential of your blog or website is hugely dependent on on page SEO optimization techniques, and if you can enhance this particular skill, then I bet you that you are going to dominate the search engine results quickly.

So now that you know the exactly what is on page SEO now let move further first we will see the checklist then in depth explanation for each.

On page SEO Checklist

So these are the main On page SEO checklist now let’s see each one on much in depth details.

On page SEO Checklist Techniques

1) Title Tag

You have to make sure that you have your main keywords in your title tags which Google give more weight age regarding SEO.

The title tag is one of the most prominent places which Google looks while scanning your web pages and ranking them.

So put your main keywords in title tags also try to put keywords at the beginning of title then at the ending of your title.

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2) Meta Description Tags

Meta tags are critical as it tells the search engines what your web page is all about and you can give the meta description to your post or pages.

This show’s up in the search results and So make sure to write meta tags which give’s an idea about what your blog post is all about.

3) Keywords

Don’t forget to use keywords throughout your content to get better rankings. I have tried this earlier I was not using my targeted keywords in my articles as a beginner.

But when I started using then the game was different, and I was getting good rankings So try to use keywords at beginning, end and sprinkle it few times in between your content.

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4) Heading Tags

Make proper use of heading tags like H1, H2 etc to make your article more SEO friendly Don’t use H1 more than once and it’s mainly used for the title of the blog post or pages which H2 tags are used for subheading and minor headings

5) Alt tags

Give proper alt tags to your images as search engine don’t recognize what’s your image is all about.

By using the proper keyword rich and descriptive alt tags search engines will know exactly what your images all about an you might drive lots of traffic via image search if your images are optimized correctly.

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6) URL or Permalink Structure

Try to keep your blog post URL SEO friendly and short and according to Google the best technique is to keep it under 4 words and one more tip is try avoiding using stop words in your URL because search engines ignore these SEO stop words.

Also, You must have keywords in your article URL which has added SEO advantage and try to keep it short and SEO friendly URL‘s to make it look more legitimate and less spammy.

But don’t just keyword stuff you URL and make it look spammy which is not good and Google will not give your better ranking in search engines, and you will lose on one of the critical Google ranking factors.

7) Interlinking Post and Pages

Make sure that you are interlinking your relevant blog posts and pages together, and this will pass the link juice to other pages which might be not performing or ranking high in search results.

By interlinking new posts or pages with old post and pages help to boost the rankings, and this is the most powerful SEO optimization technique which you must do on regular basis.

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8) Total Word Count

The longer articles tends to get good rankings in search engines as compared to short articles. So try to write useful, long and quality content and make sure that your write minimum of 500 words articles more than this will be much better so don’t be hurry to publish your blog posts

So try to write useful, long and quality content and make sure that your write minimum of 1000 words articles more than this will be much better.

So don’t rush to publish your blog posts instead take some time do a small research about the topic, and when you have enough information about that topic then surely you are going to cross that 1000 words mark quickly.

9) Rich Media Content

Rich media content means that your articles are having images and relevant videos which enhance your user experience to get more details about the post ans as you know that picture speak thousand words So you must use at least 1 image in your blog post.

Also whenever possible you can use relevant videos and this will significantly reduce your bounce rate and will increase the time your visitors will be on your site.

10) Original Content

Google just hates duplicate content and will simply penalize that website for having duplicate content so never copy and paste articles from other resources as Google is smart enough to identify which is original and which are scrapped from other places.

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11) OutBound Links

Having said that internal linking is good for SEO but outbound links are also very important and it’s tells Google that you are more concerned to give users the best possible information.

So don’t hesitate to connect big authority sites in your niche but if you are not sure about the power of linking site then you can also make the outbound links as no follow, but if it’s very high-quality website, then you have do follow links.

12) Writing Quality

Write high-quality contents and avoid any grammar and spelling mistakes So after finishing your blog post make sure to go through it so that it free from any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Just imagine if there are n numbers of grammar and spelling mistakes then what your readers will think about you So ensure that you proofread your blog posts and articles thoroughly before hitting the publish button.

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13) Broken Links

Make sure that when you interlink your blog posts and pages the URL which you are linking are not broken as this will show 404 error pages to your blog readers and Google does not like this So before linking to any blog posts or pages check the URL is correct or not.

14) Bullets and Numbers

Make sure to use bullets and numbered lists to highlight important points in your articles and this will greatly improve your visitors blog reading experience.

So whenever you are writing any list posts or checklist make sure that you use bullets and numbered list.

15) Anchor Tags

This is one of the most important SEO tips whenever you link to any of your older blog posts use proper anchor text to interlink.

Don’t interlink with unrelated word phrase which does not have any impact from SEO point of view like for, e.g., if you are linking to blog post about Blogging Tips for Beginners.

So and you are using ‘ how to build backlinks for bloggers’ keyword phrase to link then it will not boost your ranking and it’s bad SEO practice to follow.

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On Page SEO Checklist Ranking Factors & Tips

So that now you know all the most important on page SEO checklist and techniques and if you follow all the above mentioned on page ranking factors and SEO optimization techniques then I am sure that you can increase your blog post rankings in Google and other search engines.

See friends you don’t know the exact Google ranking algorithms but these are the best SEO practices which are recommended and proven by SEO experts, and I think that all these SEO optimization techniques will make your articles and content more SEO friendly.

Over To You

So friends I tried my level best to make this article as informative as possible and I will keep on updating this post as soon as I learn more and more of this.

I hope you liked my on page SEO checklist, techniques and ranking factors, If yes don’t forget to share and ask me any questions and queries via comments.

I will be more than happy to discuss about it and last but not the least don’t forget to Subscribe to get more great SEO tips and tricks



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