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More and more companies are asking to move their Wix web pages to design them in WordPress and benefit from all its advantages in design, SEO, usability, versatility, etc.

We are noticing that more and more people and companies want to migrate their Web pages developed in less known systems, such as Wix, to WordPress, and thus benefit from the attractive features that all seem to be in love with this CMS and why Weeks from Xplora, we express that we prefer to develop websites in WordPress.

The use of WordPress has spread rapidly throughout the Internet and it is justified that this is so, because optimization level for SEO SEO of WordPress Web pages simplify many tasks, saves a lot of time and can see the results more immediately.
Today I would not justify using Wix, because for me it has always been a free web page system and for newbies – being very sincere – but I can understand that a company has decided on Wix a few years ago, given the simplicity it offers When it comes to shaping a Web page.
I must admit that with Wix we do not need to know HTML codes, nor CSS, nor program anything; The Wix team has done a good job creating an object-oriented interface with which we can place what we need, where we need it, just selecting it from a menu that is quite intuitive for the user.
The main disadvantages I have always seen with Wix are:

  • I’ve always seen it as a free web page system. That means your domain name does not belong to you and that Wix manages advertising on your website, which is not convenient if you want to monetize your site with advertising.
  • You do not have control of the files on the server. Wix, being a simplified system also saves its users the concern regarding the server, but for me, I like to have control of what happens, not so good idea; As I’ve told you, Wix is ​​for people or companies that want to have a Web page that is easy to manage.
    Yes, I know that you are going to tell me that domain is not always the case, that Wix has a Premium option with which you can associate a domain of your own, but if so, why pay in Wix if I can pay on a server in Where do I have more liberties? Has no sense.

how to migrate wix website to wordpress-wix to wordpress

So, if you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve decided it’s time to make the change, right? In that case I will give you options so that you can migrate the content of your web page.
Can only the content be migrated?

Yes, unfortunately, if you want to migrate from Wix you have to get the idea that the design that cost so much – dragging and placing elements – you will not be able to have it anymore.
But neither is the end of the world! If you like this design a lot, you can always hire a WordPress web designer to develop a Web design very similar to your current Web page.
I would not worry too much, because in WordPress there are a lot of themes – themes; Web design templates – that is, there are many template options and you will surely find some that you like for your new web page.

If I migrate my site to WordPress I lose the domain name?

It depends, and in this post I want to cover all the options.
If you have a free account at Wix, yes; You’re going to lose the domain name. More than anything because the free domain names of Wix are of the type www.tumarca.wix.com and is a proprietary domain of Wix and its system.
But if you are someone who has a domain of your own (www.yourdomain.com) associated with the Wix system, I have good news for you; Your web domain you will be able to migrate it to the other server, external to Wix, without major problems and you will be able to maintain it.
It is important that you weigh the pros and cons of migration; If your web page was well positioned even though it is a free web domain and your clients already knew with that web address, you are going to have to start from scratch with SEO Web positioning in your new CMS WordPress.

What do I need to get started?

Incredibly, the first thing you need to migrate your site in Wix to WordPress is not WordPress itself.

Web Hosting Service for WordPress

Remember that WordPress is only a content manager (CMS) such as Joomla or Drupal, or a manager of its own. Even so, and whatever it is, first of all you need a hosting service for your website.
Have you ever talked about these types of services, and what to take into account at the time of hiring a web hosting hosting server, that’s why we will not go much deeper. What you should know is that you can hire a shared hosting service where you are given access to your account, or you can have your own hosting. Although it is a single website and not so heavy, that independence is not necessary, especially because the own or exclusive hostings are more expensive.
If you enter a webpage of the different hosting services you will realize that many offer “hosting for WordPress”. With that kind of service you have enough to start.

Domain of the Web page

Now, you will not only need the hosting, you also need to register a Web domain, in case you have been using the free service in Wix.
The companies that offer hosting, usually, also help you with domain registration, so it will not be complicated. In fact, if you hire a hosting service for WordPress, it is probably already installed in the system.
On the Web domain, not long ago we explained how to choose the Web domain for your company.
Install WordPress on the web server

And finally you must install WordPress on your new hosting server / Web hosting. And when we talk about “install” we refer we also have to make some key configurations right after installing WordPress, to avoid problems in the future.
So, in short, you will need:

  • A web hosting service – and access to the control panel.
  • An own domain (name) Web.
  • Install WordPress and basically configure.

Whats Next?

Once you have access to the WordPress control panel, you only need to start migrating the content of your old Wix Web page to WordPress, which you can do in three ways: manual, semi-automatic or third-party migration.

Migrating from Wix to WordPress manual

Manual migration is the most direct way of passing Wix content to WordPress. What you have to do is take each entry published, copy its contents and paste it into the new Web from the WordPress control panel. I mean copy / paste all content manually from one site to another.
Now, I recommend that you plan your actions, because WordPress separates the content in pages and blog entries, this being so, you must make an analogy with the content of your old page in Wix.
For example, content such as “About Us”, “Products” and other typical sections of a Web page go in the section of WordPress pages. Of course, if you have a Blog in Wix, all those entries (articles) go in the section “entries in WordPress”.
The difference between a page and an entry is that the WordPress system presents the pages as a static element from which you have access in the menu and the entries as a compilation of results within the same page.
Logically, this manual method is viable only if you have a Web page with little content and sections. Instead, in the case of an extensive website, you should look for some other tool for its automation.
Important: If in the Wix content you linked to other content within the same Web page, you must replace the link URL with its equivalent in WordPress, the rest is quite simple and straightforward.
Migration from Wix to WordPress semi-automatic

As we all know, WordPress has a plugin for almost everything we can imagine.
For the migration of content from Wix, through its RSS generated an XML file which contains all the content of our Wix Blog, it is through the WordPress RSS Importer plugin.
Effectively, the plugin only works to migrate the content of the blog in Wix. The rest of the content of the Web, the pages, must be migrated manually. But in any case we would greatly reduce the work to do, as a rule, a Web page does not have as many static pages as articles on your Blog.
We also clarified that the images that appear in Blog entries are not migrated with this plugin, so you will also touch it manually. In fact, the migration of images, regardless of the method you use, is always manual.

Migration from Wix to WordPress by third parties

There are always options for those who do not want to do migrations on their own; There are services, payment, for the migration of Wix to WordPress, with which you should do almost nothing.
Usually this is the installation of a plugin in WordPress, which offers the company after paying for the migration. With this plugin in WordPress the basic configurations of the processes are made, ie what is going to be migrated from Wix and how it will be migrated, a migration test is done and then, if the test is successful, the migration is done Full page on Wix to WordPress in a matter of minutes.
One of the best known services to do this migration is CMS2CMS. In addition you can get insurance for the migration and thus you avoid the worries if something goes wrong during the process.

CMS2CMS: Wix to wordpress migrator

After Content Migration

After migrating content, from the Wix Web page to WordPress, it is time to fix the details of your website, ie the template you are going to use, the installation of plugins, descriptions and other configurations of WordPress , Which we have already discussed in depth.
Wait, here is not all, because even your site is not connected to the domain!
Transfer your web domain in Wix to the new server

This is not going to have to be done if you have been using the free version of Wix, then in that case you have purchased your Web domain and your Web page is online on the new server.
But in the case that in Wix you have been using a Premium service, you must transfer your domain from Wix to the new Web server, following these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Wix account.
  • Click on the subscriptions section and then on domains.
  • Click on the domain you want to transfer.
  • Then go to advanced options.
  • Click on “transfer domain”.
  • Finally, click on “send code”.

This code will reach your email address and with that code you will be able to give authorization to the registration and transfer of the Web domain, to the new company that you have chosen, to transfer the domain to the new Web server .
As you have seen, it is a fairly simple process, it can be done in a couple of hours, you just have to make sure you have your new hosting service, your Web domain and weigh the options to do the migration as you make it easier.
In case you need advice, help or a service to measure, you know that we are at your disposal.
And if you need help updating, optimizing and improving your WordPress Web page, remember that we offer all kinds of plans for maintenance and optimization of WordPress web pages.


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