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If you are skeptical about your blog post URL structure regarding SEO and think which is best long URLs vs short URLs for SEO then this is most common doubt among most newbie and not expertise SEO bloggers they think that having long URL’s will work better in search engines as compared to short URLs or visa versa, Are you among those bloggers who are still guessing which is best for SEO and will get my blog post higher rankings in search engines then this post is going to tell you something very useful regarding SEO friendly URL structure and which is best for SEO

What is URL?

Abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) it is the global address of documents and other webpages on the World Wide Web which can be accessed by typing in address bar of browser

According To Google short URL is more SEO friendly then Long URL, Now if you will ask me why long url is not better then let me clear your doubt that Matt cutt of Google webspam team says that url with 3 to 5 words are perfectly find but anything longer than that with not have much benefits and search engines will simply ignore them

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Why Google says like that is because google always favors user experience they want readers to get good experience why viewing webpages and if your url is too long than it is really hard for readers to understand your pages and they might get confused So having well structured short url will be more beneficial in terms of SEO as compared to long urls

Another reason why Google favours short url because many spammers try to stuff keywords in urls to get higher rankings and really it looks very nastly they try to use variations of same keywords twice or thrice in urls to make more SEO friendly and this is not good in eyes of Google

If you want to do a little experiment to check regarding this issue you can do site operator on any website in Google and you will find that pages will appear first are all short urls while long urls following them afterwards this is clear indication that short urls are more SEO friendly than long urls

As you can see in above screenshot that all the results which appear first are all short urls while long urls are listed much down the line, you can do same for your blog also and you can see the results yourself

Why I am doing this post because earlier when I was unaware about this fact I used to write long urls for my blog post but later found that they are not doing well in search engines so I did a little bit of research you can say a lot because it’s very important if you want your blog to rank high in search engines like Google and receive free organic traffic So after reading n number of blog posts I came to conclusion that short urls are much better in terms of seo as compared to long urls

Another good practice for making your blog post urls more seo friendly is avoid using stop words like or, if, but, also etc in your urls search engines neglect these words so it’s better to put your main keywords in your urls and avoid using stop words

Dynamicaly generated urls are also not good so if you are using blogger you can edit your automatic permalink structure to custom permalink structure in post settings

Dynamic urls are not SEO friendly as they contain numbers and symbols like below example which is not at all SEO friendly

http ://www.example124. com/gp/product/B0007TJ5OG/102-8372974-4064145?v=glance&n=502394&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&n=3031001&s=photo&v=glance

Best url in terms of seo will be
http ://www.example124. com/product/product-title
Below I is the videos from matt cutt which will give you more idea of best SEO practices

Long URLs Vs Short URLs Which Is Best For SEO?

So I hope that these two videos will be more helpful in making your understand of best URL SEO practices

After reading this post you must have got good idea of that short URLs are better than long URLs in SEO Below are some point to remember

1) Try to keep your url between 3 to 5 words separated with hypen ( – ) not with underscores ( _ ) because hypen will create space between two words in url while underscore will merge them together

2) Put your main keywords ahead as possible for more SEO juice

3) Don’t use Stop words in url

4) Keep URL short as possible

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