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It has been a long debate between long tail vs short tail keywords and many are still thinking that which one is better for SEO and traffic So in this post I am going to discuss about long tail keywords Vs short tail keywords which is better for SEO and in terms of traffic, Many beginners bloggers don’t know which one to choose should they choose short tail over long tail keywords or long tail over shot tail keywords, well you must have better understanding about this particular topic specially if you are new to blogging and your blog or website has been just started

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Keyword research is one of the most important SEO factors which determines where you blog posts will rank in Google,Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and I have seen that many newbie bloggers do the mistake is they simply think about the topic and start writing the blog posts and to tell you friends that this is not the ideal way, you must do your keyword research properly prior writing a single word for your article

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I have also seen bloggers and webmaster who simply choose the keyword which receives the maximum traffic and this is again a big SEO mistake as such keywords which gets Hugh traffic are very competitive and mostly are dominated by top and very high authority blogs So what is the best way and that we are going to discuss in this blog post

Long Tail  Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords Which is better for SEO

1) Short tail keywords are also called as head terms or generic keywords which consist of 1 or 2 words whereas long tail keywords or phrase consist of more than 3 to 4 keywords
2) Short tail keywords receive Hugh amount of traffic from organic searches but as I said earlier it’s very difficult to rank for these short tail keywords since the competition is very tough and big blogs and websites are more likely to get on the first page of google
3) Long tail keywords gets less amount of traffic as compared to short tail keywords but the traffic which is gets is highly targeted and often converts well since the query clearly defines the actual need of the visitors

For example: A visitor typing short tail keyword “mobile phones” might be interested in getting the knowledge and information about mobile phones whereas a visitor who types ” Samsung galaxy note S2″ will be more likely to go on and purchase the product So this is where long tail keywords are very useful with high conversion rates as compared to short tail keywords

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4) According to research and many pro bloggers like Neil patel, Yoast, Brian dean also recommend to focus more on long tail keywords as the results which you can get will be very good below is the image which will clearly give you an ideas as how long tail keywords are defined

5) For local business long tail keywords is the key for success because lets say you are having running company in Texas on digital marketing then it would be very difficult to rank for this short tail keywords” digital marketing” and you competitions will not be local competitors in fact you will be competing against all the digital marketing companies all over the globe who are trying to rank for this short tail keyword “digital marketing”

6) But if you will refine this term and make it more targeted long tailed keyword phrase like ” digital marketing company in Texas” then your competition will drastically reduce and you will have the better chances to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines also the conversion rates will be much more since the traffic which you get will be highly targeted and will be looking for digital marketing services in Texas So if you are running a local business then do consider to optimize your business website or blog for local search queries to get more customers and sales

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So as you can see the difference between long tail vs short tail keywords for SEO, I would highly recommend you to focus and target more long tailed keywords as compared to short tail keywords specially if you have just started your online business or you are a newbie blogger, I would like to discuss on this topic and if you want to share you views you can via comments! Don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more such SEO tips and tricks



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