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what is Link Building strategies for seo

link building is a technique used for web form authority “artificial” and thus the positioning of a website is improved.

That said, I recommend the following: If we’re going to run a campaign like this, I recommend doing a measured way. That is, if we are to go by creating links on other sites that point to ours, we must add value to these links, and do not create spam.

Another thing I recommend is to do so “natural”, ie, not creating massive links, but create links progressive and proportionate way.



What is the link building strategies for seo and how they affect the Link Building


I know that many know what are the links and what they do regarding SEO, but it never hurts to remember for people who are starting.

Hyperlinks are references that are made from one website to another. These, clicking on them, you are redirected to the linked site.

With regard to SEO, we can say that the links are like votes, ie, the more votes we receive and more important the web who voted us greater authority (popularity) have. Although this has many shades, which will discuss in this chapter.


Guidelines for creating a campaign Link Building

We come pretty well create a list with all the guidelines to be followed to achieve a campaign to create quality links.


1-Create the links in webs of the same subject as ours or similar:

There is no use creating links on websites that deal with pets (for example) if ours is about online marketing. It is very important that the web that links us is of the same subject or similar.


2-Percentage DoFollow / NoFollow in Link Building

nofollow and dofollow ratio

As most will know already there are two types of links: Those who have the NoFollow attribute and those without.

Nofollow prevents the authority of the web that binds us is transmitted.

And the DoFollow attribute is one that does not prevent the webs transmit some of their authority to site linking. (No need to insert because if it does not NoFollow DoFollow will default)

We know the two types of links that exist, now we know what proportion of each type of links we get.

As it comes to simulate naturally, we get an approximate percentage of 57% DoFollow / NoFollow 43% since mid this is the proportion that have websites that are positioned naturally.


3- Anchor Text

anchort text click here

The anchor text or anchor text is the title given to a link and is an important factor is our link building campaign.

An example:

Imagine that we can insert a link in a web with subjects related to ours (gardening), if you also include html code leave us we can insert an anchor text with the keyword you want.

Of course that keyword will have to be related to our theme.

But there is more. For our links appear natural we should use varied anchor text:

  • Use keywords in our market
    Try Using the full URL
    also use our branding
    Other anchor text like “click here”, “this article” etc.

The proportion of anchor text has always been much discussed, but as in all variety is success. We must always vary the anchor text, although we can say that a good percentage would be:

  • 40% of our market keywords
    21% branding
    20% full URL
    19% “click here” “this site” etc.


4-Insert links manually

There are many programs to get links in bulk for our link building campaign, but this technique is very outdated, since the algorithm Google is fully trained to detect if we have built links in bulk and eventually receive a penalty, which none of us want.

But one thing is that no massive build links and other web sites we crawl tools and footprint to find places where we can insert links manually, which if recommended to do. We’ll discuss this later.


5-Construction of progressively links. Progressive Link Building

If the first week we have published our website, and to create a Link Building campaign, our website and receive 20 links, Google will know perfectly well that these have been created artificially.

The key is to look natural again.

A good strategy is to get, for example, in the first week about 5 links (with the guidelines previously marked); The following week about 10 links; The following 15; etc.

If we do gradually get natural look with our link building campaign in the eyes of Google.

There are few websites that grow so quickly and few receiving many links in the first weeks of life, so we do things right and try everything seems natural as possible.


6-Getting links both sites with authority and webs without it

To look natural with our link building campaign should get links from all kinds of websites, ie with and without authority. Because if only we get links to our web site with authority it will not look natural.

And now you say, all this is fine , but how do I get these links?

And here the crux of the matter, one of the handicaps that exist in the world of SEO is to get relevant links, quality and sites with similar themes.

If it was easy everybody would do, and if everyone did anyone could position because the SERPs would be chaos.

But do not get discouraged, then I’ll show you a few techniques that can help you get the links that both cost and help you both.


How links are achieved?

If we talk purely of Link Building, we can say that there are a few techniques to carry out this type of campaign.

Of these we’ll talk in more detail in later chapters, here only mention and summarize.


Links Competition

One of the techniques used in Link Building and more convinces me me is to track our competition for links that we can serve for our project.

This is very useful because in addition to find links related to our subject, if we get the links have our competitors, plus we get on our own, we will place ourselves above them.


How we can trace the links from the competition?

One of the ways to do and free, is using a foot pirnt in Google, the form is as follows:

“” -site: www.bestonlineblog
competition links

If you enter this command you will list in the SERP with all links pointing to the website of our competitor and that Google has tracked.

This technique is a bit tedious, but as I said is free.

Another way, more comfortable, but payment is AHREF using the tool.

This tool allows us to track all links that are directed to a website, either ours or our competition.

We can also filter them by authority of the web links, the date on which you linked and contains the NoDollow or attribute.


And here we come.

The Link Building is very complex and requires doing things nice and slow, because any mistake can cause a penalty.

If you follow these tips and do things well will not have any problems. Do things slowly, with care and in an organized manner, and especially control your links do not build a link to your site anywhere before, make sure it will be worth it and that will give you authority.

I hope you have learned a lot about what is the link building strategies for seo and its types in this chapter.

If you liked feel free to share and if you have any questions, comments.

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