search egnine optimization

Search Engine Optimization industry is the top money making industry in the internet.  90% of the successful companies throughout the world are dependent on SEO techniques.  People who have understood the value of SEO are flourishing on one side and the beginners who are new to internet marketing are getting frustrated because they do not know how to use the SEO techniques.  SEO strategies are not easy to implement in one or two days.  It is a chain of process and to make it a perfect circle, you should first under the Search Engine Optimization Basics.

  • The first step of SEO is searching and selecting the perfect keyword.  Since, keyword plays a major role in attracting search engine spider; you need to do some research while selecting the keyword.  The keyword is the one that browsers use in the search engine box.  So, your keyword or keyphrase should target the major search engines such as google, yahoo, msn and bing.  You can also test the keyword by posting it in search box.  Suppose, if you own a bakery and choose “bread” as your keyword and then insert it in the search engine box and click the search button.  Wait for the search engine spider to crawl and rank the sites.  If your website is seen in the first page, then you can think that your keyword works out.
  • How far you give importance to your keyword, the same should be given to the content of your website also.  The content should not be created to spam the search engine and attract the visitors, but to organically drive traffic.  Through informative content you can create backlinks through forum sites, blogs, article submission directories etc.  The worthy and creative content with a proper keyword will definitely fetch you more visitors through backlinks.
  • Article writing is one that can get you desired ranking and also an important part of SEO.  A website that posts valuable information will be visited by particular group of people.  Suppose, if your website is to promote tourism in United States, then you will have articles on restaurants, places to visit, hotels in USA etc.  So, people who would like to gather information on US tourism will visit your site. Thus article writing is also an effective method of targeting the visitors.
  • If you are a beginner and looking for cheap SEO strategy to create traffic to your site, then I would recommend blogging.  First choose the blog that is related to your business or product.  Suppose, if you are a dentist then the blog you choose should be the website that markets dental products.  By posting blogs and leaving your domain link in such sites you can get more customers to your site.  Blogging should be followed and updated regularly to make it more effective.

These are some of the basic tips that are used by SEO experts to optimize a website.  Other than this, there are also some expensive and advanced SEO strategies such as video marketing.  These SEO tips are ideal for the big organizations.  If you could not follow the SEO strategy on your own, you can hire an SEO expert to take care of your site.


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