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How to do keyword research for SEO or how to do keyword research with Google keyword planner is the most frequently asked questions by beginner bloggers and webmasters and keyword research for SEO is very important specially if you want your blog posts or pages to rank high in search engines and get good amount of traffic to your blog or website

Many beginner bloggers make the mistake is they don’t do keyword and they randomly pick any keyword or phrase and start writing and this is a very big mistake

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They are taking chances and trying their luck with closed eye without knowing whether there are people who are actually searching for that particular keyword or not, it like they are throwing the dart blind folded without knowing the actual hit point So this is most probably most of the biggest and most common SEO mistakes most blogger make

So in this post I am going to share how to do keyword research for SEO with Google keyword planner research tool and I think most newbie bloggers are using Google keyword planner for doing their keyword research

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How To Do Keyword research For SEO With Google Keyword Planner


So before looking into the exact step by step tutorial lets see what is keyword research in SEO and why it’s so important

What is Keyword Research in SEO

Keyword research is a process in which you analyse various metrics for a particular keyword or phrase in terms of monthly searches, traffic, competition, CPC ( cost per click ) etc

Why Keyword Research is important For SEO

Doing keyword research for SEO is very important since it’s gives an idea about the no of monthly searches done for that particular keyword or phrase, how tough it would be to rank for that particular keyword ( approx competition ), average CPC and many more information

So keyword research is very important no matter you are doing it of PPC campaign, content marketing, for your niche sites you cannot skip this step

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I would like to give an example here as you know that Google is the no 1 search engine on the internet So can you just write a post targeting the keyword ” Google ” and hope to rank on the first page of Google, no you are most probably going to rank for this keyword

Because it’s very competitive and most of the top blog and websites are there on the 1st page in fact on first page of google all the results are of Google itself

So what my main point for giving this example was that you cannot simply pick a keyword which gets enormous amount of traffic and hope to rank on first page or you simply pick a keyword phrase because you believe that other people will also search the same thing but this is not what happens most of the time

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Even I was also doing similar mistakes when I was a beginner but later I realized how big mistakes I was doing and how much time and effort I have wasted without knowing my actual audience and what they are searching for but it’s Ok it happen with every newbie blogger

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Also many times I feel that yes this phrase or keyword might be getting thousands of monthly searches from all around the word and the keyword phrase sounds promising but when I head on to Google keyword planner tool then the story were not always encouraging

So the take away here is you must always do proper keyword research prior writing any blog posts or pages no matter you are using free Google keyword planner tool or any other paid keyword research tool but it’s must

Now that you know that how important is to do keyword research in SEO So let move further to next section which is how to use Google keyword planner for SEO and keyword research, why I am choosing Google keyword planner for this tutorial because it’s one of the most popular keyword research tool

The best part is you can do keyword research with Google keyword planner for free and you don’t have to purchase any SEO tool or keyword research tool for this simply you just got to have free Google adwords account which hardly take two minutes to sign up and after that you can use Google keyword planner tool for free

Keyword Research For SEO With Google Keyword Planner

1) First login to Google adwords account

2) Then click on Tools and Keyword Planner from the top navigation bar

keyword research with google keyword planner

3) Now click on Search for a new keyword and ad group ideas and enter you main keyword lets say for example ” Keyword Research ” and hit Get ideas button

4) Now you are going to see two tabs a) Ad group ideas and b) Keyword ideas So go ahead and click on Keyword ideas tab

5) You will see some what similar screen with the amount of avg monthly searches for you particular main keyword

keyword planner google adwords

6) Now as you can see the word ” keyword research ” is getting approx 12,100 monthly searches so it would be really very difficult to rank for this keyword phrase unless you are having a very high domain authority like SEJ or Moz  and also it more generic or short tail keyword or broad keyword which generally tends to have lots of competition and might be difficult to rank for

7) So next we are going to analyse a keyword or keyword phrase which receives decent amount of traffic as well as good chances of getting ranked high in search engine results

keyword research for seo

8) So after analyzing the above keyword we can see there are many similar keywords which related to our main keyword but for what keyword we should shoot for and one thing you must keep in your mind that you must target the keyword which related to the topic of your blog posts or pages So if we take the example of the blog post were are talking about keyword research

So the keyword phrases like keyword research tools or free keywords research tools are not highly targeted to the topic of this blog post what look more promising is the phrases ” seo keyword research” , ” how to do keyword research”  , ” free keyword research” and its has decent amount of traffic and highly relevant to the context of our blog posts

9) Why I have not chosen other keywords becuase here I am not talking about keyword research tools or free keyword research tools in fact here I am talking about how to do keyword research and the phrases which I have selected are closely related

10) So no we are going to narrow it down further to choose the main keyword for our blog post as I can see that the keyword ” how to do keyword research” receives approx 880 monthly searches which is good and we can shoot for this along with other selected keywords which we can use as secondary keywords to get ranked for additional terms( LSI keywords )

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Google keyword planner tools settings

Now there are many settings on left hand side which you can edit and customize for your SEO keyword research so let me give some brief information about them

1) Targeting –  Here you have option like whether you want to target a particular country of all country along with other setting like languages and negative keywords which is used if you want the search traffic estimates which don’t contain that particular keyword or keyword phrase

2) Date range – Here you can see the average monthly searches for particular date ranges and you can also compare between date ranges

3) Keyword filters – Here you can put your keyword filters like no of monthly searches and level of competition

4) Keyword options – Here you can customize various keyword options like turn on and off broad related ideas

5) Keywords to include – Here you can put the keyword which you want the search traffic results for

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SEO Keyword Research Best Practices & Tips

1) Never try to rank for generic keywords as they are generally very competitive and hard to rank for

2) Choose keywords which are relevant to your blog post topic or niche

3) Always do keyword research for SEO before writing your blog posts  and never believe in your assumptions about the traffic estimates for a particular keywords

4)  Target long tail keywords more to get more targeted visitors and this will definitely increase your conversion rate as well as you will make more sales as compared to generic or short tail keyword or seed keywords

5) Use other related keywords throughout your article to rank for other related keyword variations and this will make you article more SEO friendly and avoid you from using your main keyword again and again in your blog posts

6) No matter you are doing keyword research for PPC, for content marketing or for niche sites, you must do your keyword research properly to see the amount of traffic and the possibility of ranking higher in search results

So friends this was how to do keyword research for seo and how to do keyword research with Google keyword planner, if you have any questions you can ask via comments Also since there many other keyword research tools available but Google keyword planner is most of the best tools by which you can do your keyword research for SEO specially for beginners and it’s also free to use, Last but not the least don’t forget to share your views via comments and subscribe for more SEO tips and tricks! Enjoy Blogging


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