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If you want to know how to index backlinks fast in Google or how to get backlinks indexed fast by google then in this post I am going to share best tips and tricks to make sure that all of your backlinks are quickly crawled and indexed by Google.

Getting your backlinks indexed by Google fast is very important because the more backlinks google will crawl and index it’s better and you will be able to improve google ranking of your blog or website easily.However many beginner bloggers and website owners usually get confused and frustrated if their backlinks are not indexed by Google and they start search the reason why. And this is the main reason why I am writing this post to clear all this up for you guys.

Recently I was reading a internet marketing forum and find one blogger was asking questions like how long does it take to get backlinks indexed or how long for google to index backlinks and these types of questions play a very important role for any linkbuilder or if you are working on a client side to improve it’s google rankings.

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This makes utmost important specially if you are trying to rank niche sites or doing linkbuilding for niche sites because you want to rank for a keyword in google quickly So it’s very important to get your backlinks indexed fast by google and other search engines. So in this post I am going to share the working tips and tricks to index backlinks fast in google

How To Get Backlinks Indexed Fast By Google

Before telling you how to index backlinks fast in google let me tell you that it’s not necessary that Google will 100% index all your backlinks and this is the point which many beginner bloggers and internet marketers don’t know they think that if they will build 100 backlinks then all of the backlinks will be indexed by google and want to get it indexed fast But actually Google will not index all your backlinks if they don’t feel they are valued enough and are coming from low quality sites.

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Google only index those backlinks which they feel are genuine and coming from high authority sites So if you are thinking to build hundreds of spammy websites links which is pointing to your blog or websites then I am sorry to say that Google will not index the backlinks and most probably you will be get google penality.

So in order to avoid google penalty you must not build low quality links to your website or blog infact focus on building high quality backlinks and if you will do this then you don’t have to worry about how long does it take to get backlinks indexed or how long for google to index backlinks as you backlinks will be crawled and indexed automatically by Google quickly since they are of high quality and coming from relavent and authority sites.

There is no point in building backlinks which Google does not indexes why? Simple Google don’t think that those backlinks are valuable and important enough to crawl and index them in their search results So if you are also building low quality backlinks then stop wasting your time instead focus on building quality backlinks. Remember quantity does not matter but quality does matter for google now and will be forever.

Tips and Tricks to Index Backlinks Fast in Google

Below are the best and 100% working ways by which you can index your backlinks fast in Google

1) Fetch as google bot – The first and most effective trick to get your backlinks indexed super quick in google is to use google’s fetch as google bot service in google webmaster tools but you will be only able to fetch if you own the property which means the website and blog who’s links you want Google to crawl and indexed. And this works like charm whenever I am facing any problem about indexing I usually use fetch as google bot and the results are amazing for me.

2) Ping Urls – To index backlinks fast in google you can use pinging services like pingomatic. You just need to create the list of the url’s and submit it through pingomatic. What this does is it notifies Google and other search engines that you have updated your posts also it’s very effective to let google know about the backlinks you have created. When ever I found that my backlinks are not crawled and indexed by google I usually use pingomatic and my url’s get indexed within few minutes.

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3) Social bookmarking –  Social bookmarking is another great way to index backlinks fast in Google. Just grab the url and share on popular social bookmarking sites like digg, delicious and stumbleupon and you will be good to go because Google crawls these big authority website more frequently and it will index your newly created backlinks as compared to any other technique.

4)  Social network sites – Social networking sites are best to get your backlinks indexed by google quickly specially if you share your urls to Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and Pinterest. Because again these are top social networking sites and Google loves and crawls these websites frequently than any other websites on the internet. One trick I would like to share is that share the backlink urls to your google plus profile and since it’s google product your chances of getting your backlinks indexed will dramatically increase. I have used this personally and seen very quick results most of the time.

5) 2 Tier Backlinks – Most of you must have heard about 2 tier backlinks but for those who don’t know what is 2 tier backlinks let me tell that 2 tier backlinks are backlinks to your first tier. So how this will help you index your backlinks in google it’s simple just create backlinks to your backlinks and this will increase the power of your first tier backlinks which you build and google will quickly crawl these links and index it.

6) Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 are sites like blogger, wordpress, squidoo, hubpages etc and if you want your backlinks to get indexed in google quickly then you can simply create 100 word article and build links to your backlinks and this is a super cool trick which works 100% of the time because Google loves these websites and they are the most popular content sharing sites So you backlinks will get indexed in no time.

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So friends this was how to index backlinks fast in Google. if you like this post please share and don’t forget to subscribe. Also please share some of your tricks and tell us how you are indexing your backlinks as I would love to learn from you as well and this will also help my readers as well So now you know how to get your backlinks indexed fast by google so go create high quality backlinks and increase your website or blog ranking in Google!


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