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Facebook is one of the top social networking site in world and billions of people visit Facebook daily including you and me to stay connected with our friends and if you are blogger then you would love to get your blog post shared on Facebook and to increase Facebook likes this will give more traffic and more exposure for your blog posts Many people think that to promote anything on Facebook you have to use their expensive advertising system Yes you can get traffic and more likes especially if you have blog or website through this way but why to pay if you can do it for free So today’s post I am going to share how to increase Facebook likes on your blog posts quickly According to Google latest update if your blog posts have more likes and shares then they get higher rankings in search engines So this trick is very useful if you want to get more likes on Facebook and what I am using is Facebook groups to promote my blog posts

Increase Facebook Likes On Blog Posts Using Facebook Groups

There are thousands of groups on Facebook and there are many groups which might be targeted to your niche So what we will do is create a group for your blog if you don’t have and share our blog post there this will tremendously increase your Facebook likesin seconds So lets start with tutorial to get more Facebook likes

Create Facebook Group

1) Login to your Facebook account and if you don’t have create one for free
2) Now Click here to create your Facebook group
3) Now click on Create Group and give proper name to your groups according to your niche or topic and select public as you want more exposure and traffic from overall facebook users
4) Once you have create your Facebook group add as many members as you can, if you have more members you will get more likes and shares So try to put many members in your group
5) Join other groups in your niche and promote your blog post there but don’t overdo it as group admins will see it as spammy and ban you permanently from group share interesting blog post occasionally and provide value to particular group by sharing your thoughts and views on particular topic
6) This is it guys!

Final Tips To Get More Facebook likes on Blog Posts

Try to search groups with your keywords like in my case I search for blogging tips, internet marketing, SEO etc similarly you can also search according to your topic and you will find many groups to join But before joining any group please read their guidelines set by group admins to avoid getting banned
If you will use Facebook groups properly then you can significantly increase your blog post Facebook likes very fast So use Facebook groups and increase Facebook likes on your blog post quickly and Keep Blogging!



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