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A website that generates good traffic is the one that can earn good profit.  Whether you own a blog or a website, you need lots of visitors to sell your product or offer your services.  Even though various techniques and methods are available to increase traffic to a site, the most common and cost-effective method is Search Engine Optimization Techniques.  In this article you will learn about 5 vital SEO techniques that is necessary for a website to increase traffic.

1]       Title Tag and its wonders

Title Tag should be given top priority while you are designing your website with SEO concept.  A website that creates unique title tag with the inclusion of proper keyword will be attracted by search engine robot.  The title tag should be created to all your web pages.

2]       Use single keyword/keyphrase for each web page

Keyword should be selected by doing some research, as without proper keyword you cannot create an impressive content to generate traffic to your site.  Utilize the keyword research tool offered free by the google and select a matching keyword for your business.  The selected keyword should be used properly.  Include keyword in the header tags, body of the content, title etc.  Keyword should be repeated 7 to 8 times in the body of the content.  The keyword density limit is 2 to 3%.  Never include more than 5% of keyword in your content.  Keywords used in the content more than the limit will not be accepted by the search engine spiders.

3]       Using the right ALT tag to your images

If you want to impress the search engine spider and improve your website ranking, then try to avoid frames, javascript and flash to display your content.  Search engine spiders ignore your website that has designed the website using javascript, flash and frames.

4]       Creative content for 100% success of SEO

Content that you post in your website is the king and queen of your webpage.  Content will be the key one that is going to dominate and attract search engines.  Search engines give priority to the site that offers unique, keyword rich content.  The content should be created adding lots of current information.  The content should be useful for the customers.  A website that impresses and keep the audience in their webpage for few minutes in the site will definitely generate good traffic and sales.

5]       Backlinks! An offpage SEO for your website

Backlinks are effective in generating traffic and gaining potential customers.  Creating backlinks through forum posting, blogging and social networking sites will be more powerful.  You can also use article submission directories to create links to your site.  Submitting article and generating traffic is the latest and cheap method of SEO.  Backlinks will yield fruitful result only when you post fresh articles and offer unique information to the audience.

There are also other on-page Search Engine Optimization techniques that can even lift a dull website.  Increasing the ranking of your website purely depends on the SEO techniques you use in your website.  So, widen your research on SEO, implement the powerful SEO techniques in your website and achieve higher ranking in search engine results page.


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