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So you are looking for how to improve google ranking for a website for free or how to increase google ranking for your blog in 2017 then I you will get the best tips and tricks to improve google search ranking for your website, Many beginner bloggers and webmaster always wondering about how they can get high ranking in google and drive lots of organic traffic for free and this is absolutely possible provided you  are doing your on page and off page SEO properly along with quality content as these is the building block to boost your blog ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines

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Also there are many budding bloggers who get frustrated that they are not able to increase their blog or website search ranking in Google so they end up in building too many backlinks very fast and this raises red flag in Google eyes and you might get prone to google penalties and there are only few smart SEO experts who get away with these black hat SEO techniques

But if you are thinking to increase your google ranking using black hat or gray hat techniques then I warn you that Google will ultimately catch you and might slap you further down the search engine results page or completely ban your blog site forever

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So I would recommend for those who are thinking to these fast shortcuts then don’t take that route instead you can legitimately increase website google ranking for free which is what I am going to share with you in this article So without wasting anymore time lets see the best and actionable tips and tricks to boost your organic rankings in Google

How To Increase Website / Blog Ranking In Google Free & Fast


1) On page SEO – If you want to improve google ranking for your website then you cannot ignore on page SEO because it’s plays a vital role which decides where your blog posts or pages will rank in Google, Many beginner bloggers don’t realize the importance of this and they simply don’t care about this and the end result is always which they never wanted to get

On page SEO is a optimization technique in which you optimize your webpages or post onsite and is based on page to page level don’t get confused with on site and on page they are different on site is applicable for complete website whereas on page is for that particular page only

So make sure that you are using keyword in most important and prominent places on the page

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2) Backlinks – Well backlinks is considered as one of the strongest google ranking factors and you can ask any pro blogger about the importance of backlinks in improving their blog site ranking in Google quickly but this doesn’t mean that you should go now and build tons of backlinks to your blog to increase your rankings as Google don’t consider all the backlinks equally, if you are a newbie blogger then let me give you brief infomation about backlinks there are 2 types of backlinks one is dofollow backlinks and other is no follow backlinks

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Do follow backlinks pass on the link juice to target website whereas no follow does not pass any link juice to target website however you must make a good balance between your do follow and no follow backlinks so that it looks natural to Google and this is where many website owners make this mistake they only focus on building do follow backlinks which might raise few concerns regarding your link building strategy in eyes of Google So try to make sure that you are having good mixture of both the types of links

3) Anchor text – Anchor text is the text which is hyperlinked which when clicked redirects the user to the target link destination so basically if you want to rank for the keyword phrase ” blogging tips for beginners ” then you anchor text will be  ” blogging tips for beginners” which is exact match of your keyword phrase but many web spammers used this technique to extreme which is why Google penguin update penalized many websites which were using anchor text which were over optimized most of the time

So if you want to improve your google rankings then make sure to include anchor text keyword variation which will look natural and this is the best practice as of now and it will definitely increase your website ranking in Google safely

4) Quality Content – Oh my god this term is all over the place why? because it’s important as simple as that, there is nothing more important then having quality content on your website which will ultimately bring in more links, shares, likes, comments and all these are the vital ingredients to improve your blog rankings in google without quality content no matter how many backlinks you build it’s not going to help much

In fact you will be more likely to be slapped with google penalty because Google will think that there is nothing in your article which deserves so many backlinks and it’s pretty much thin content So try to always write good quality content for your website

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4) Be the best – I can tell you that I cannot refrain myself when I read awesome and helpful blog post on other blogs no matter they are big or small blog sites as far as I get the information which is helpful to me I usually share them on social networks or link back to them, Guys it pretty natural So try to publish the best possible content for a particular keyword and see the magic you will be surprised that you will automatically gain the backlinks as well as your good rankings in search engines

Friends I know that it’s pretty tough specially if you don’t have all the resources in your hand but at least you can give your 100% and after that there is nothing to worry

5) Post regularly – Google loves fresh content so try to do your blog post regularly as this will not only improve google ranking for website but also it will bring in more readers to your blog, Also I have seen that many beginner bloggers complain that their blog crawling rate is very slow and Google and other search engines are not frequently crawling their websites So to solve this problem you should publish new fresh articles regularly

5) Interlinking – If you think that only backlinks helps to improve website ranking then let me tell you that interlinking your blog post with each other can significantly improve your blog post ranking in search results and there are many website owners who don’t think that internal linking is worth doing in SEO

But let me give brief info that internal linking helps in your blog indexing rate as well as give boost in search engine rankings as well so always interlink your latest post with other posts and vice versa but make sure that they are relevant to the topic, Also try to link your high ranking posts with lower ranking posts

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6 ) Off page SEO – Similar to on page SEO off page SEO optimization is also very important which includes backlinks, social signals, social bookmarking, guest posting, blog commenting, forum participation etc all these are considered in off page SEO So basically if you want to increase your google ranking fast then you must do both off page and on page SEO optimization correctly

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7) Keyword Research  – Well this is again one of the most important step you must do in order to improve your google ranking, Many newbie bloggers simply don’t know how a proper keyword research can boost their website traffic as well as ranking in organic search results

Lot of beginner website owners simply skip this step and target any keyword which they find appropriate and follow their gut feeling that I will get more traffic by targeting these keywords but let me tell you that when I was a beginner the same mistake I was doing and now I realize the important of keyword research generally what you think may not be always right so don’t always trust your gut in fact see the actual stats in terms of search volumes

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8) Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is still considered as one of the best ways to improve a website ranking in google fast However there were many controversy about guest blogging recently but if you are in doubt about whether guest blogging is still handy to increase your blog ranking in 2015 then yes it’s still effective provided you are doing guest posting on high authority niche relevant sites

So for example if I would want to do a guest post then I would consider doing it on blog which is in blogging niche but if I am doing guest posting on ” dog training blog” then it’s not going to help and this was the reason why guest blogging was in controversy as many spammers were spamming guest blogging by doing it on non relevant sites to boost their ranking google So find few high authority blogs in your niche and do guest post there

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So friends this were few tips and tricks on how to improve google ranking for website / blog for free  and I am very sure that if you will follow all the above mentioned ways then surely you can increase your website or blog ranking in google pretty fast and for free Thus if you like this post please share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe for more such awesome blogging tips and tricks


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