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The search engine results have turned more advanced than it was earlier.  Earlier, you could see only the contents and text in the search results.  But, the advancement has brought many changes in the results page.  Now, you will find more options in the result page including video, image, blog, twitter and news results.  This clearly shows the domination of Search Engine Optimization in the internet.

In the present trend Images are utilized by the webmasters to drive traffic to their website in an organic way.  You can include your image in universal search results as well as in image search results.  Here are some tips to use image SEO in your website.

Search for the right images

If you want to optimize your website with image, your prior responsibility is to search for the right image.  Great images that are related to your business may add extra attraction to your webpage.  Even though only text is highlighted in all websites, it is the image that fetches you sales and profit.  There are many popular sites from where you can download images.  They are Flickr, stock.xchang, istockphot etc.  You can also use the google images with valid license.

Create the file name with the keyword

Use the keywords in your image file.  The keyword should be relevant to your product.  The image filename created with rich keyword will attract the search engine spiders.  For example, if the image is “Tajmahal”, then never give the image file name as 3569tmg.jpg.  This file name will not create any impact in search engines.  Instead give the name as “tajmahal-.jpg”. According to google search engine, you need to place your images in a single folder in your website.  Google also suggests you to use common images file names like JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.

 Create Alt Text

Create ALT Text which is necessary to tell the search Engine about your image.  Search engines cannot understand your image as it has no eyes, but can understand about your image with the help of the captions around the image, alt text, file names etc.  The Alt Text with descriptive text will help the search engines to determine the content of the image.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is necessary to grab the attention of the search engines and the visitors too.  Linking to an image with name “photo or image” will not create any impact in search engine.  Instead you can link an image with the keyword to impress the search engines and induce interest in the audience to visit your web page.

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Choose an image that is relevant to the content

The content that is added in the surrounding of the image, especially anchor tags, image URL and Alt Tags should be related to each other.  This confirms that you are not spamming and you have added the right image for your website.

 Balance the keyword

Keyword should not be overloaded in your Alt Text, File Names and Captions.  This rule is not only for image SEO but also for applicable for all types of SEO.

Strictly stick to the above tips and your website is sure to get the best ranking by implementing the powerful Image SEO strategy.

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