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Finding new ideas for blog posts every time is a daunting task for bloggers especially if you have been blogging since a long time but to take you out of this situation I have some suggestions and ideas for you so that you will not get stuck to  find new blog post ideas for your blog, If you want to make you blog successful then you have to come up with new blog post ideas regularly so that your visitors and readers will come very frequently to your blog to read fresh content and new blog posts, If you blog is not updated frequently then your blog readers will go to some other blogs to read and this is a big loss because you don’t want your readers to go to some other blogs so you must update your blog regularly you must retain them and the best ways to do is regularly come up and find new blog post ideas to write about

Nowadays blogosphere has completely changed what it used to be 10 years ago not in terms of technology but the demand for quality and fresh content so to keep up to that momentum you as a blogger have to come up with new ideas for you blog posts every time So in this post I am going to share few tips on how to find new blog posts ideas for your blog

How To Find New Ideas for blog posts

Below are some tips on how to get new blog posts ideas

How To Find New Ideas for blog posts

1) I am sure that your blogs must be having some interesting comments so you can get quite a few ideas form there for your new blog posts

2) Pay attention to what your blog readers are asking questions in your blog comment section and you can do a blog post solving your readers problems and refer that reader with that link for solution

3) Another great idea to get for your blog posts is make a habit to frequently ask questions or for feedbacks about your blog post this encourages blog readers to ask anything they want you to blog about

4) You can refer and join online forums like digital point and warrior forum for finding blog post ideas, I am sure that in forums there are many questions which are frequently asked over there

5) One trick that I use regularly when I get stuck in writing new blog post for my blog then what I do is take any particular blog post and try to think some of the possibilities of new ideas that can emerge form that particular blog post

6) For Example- if you have blog post like “Is Google Adsense worth Using for Monetizing Your Blog?”

7) Then try to brainstorm for at least 10 to 15 minutes to come up with new ideas related to above mentioned post some ideas I can give is

a. Advantages of using google adsense for your blog
b. Disadvantages of using google adsense for your blog
c. 10 Tips to increase google adsense income
d. How to make people click on adsense ads
e. How to get banned from google adsense
f. How not to get banned from google adsense
g. Interview with top adsense earners in the world

8) Oh! God by helping you guys I have quite a few ideas for blog posts, what I have done in the above example is I took a broad topic and simple by brainstorming for few minutes I got plenty of questions and ideas that I can blog about

9) Another thing what you can notice is I have use words like advantages and it opposite disadvantages of using xyz product or program

10) You can also refer to other blogs in your niche to find what they are blogging about and I am sure you will get some ideas for your new blog post

11) Another trick what I use is I refer FAQ sections of other blogs and forums there you will get many frequently asked questions by other readers and forum members

12) What you can do is great a blog post solving based on FAQ sections

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So these are some tips on how to find new ideas for blog posts for your blog, keeping your blog updated regularly with fresh and quality content is very important if you want to become a successful blogger and make money and get more loyal readers for your blog


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