How To Start A WordPress Blog on Bluehost Step by Step For Beginners


Are you looking for how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost then great decision and you have landed on the right article because here I am going to show you the step by step tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog with Bluehost from scratch. I know the time when I was also a complete beginner and was not having any idea about how to do blogging and make money with the same but after 2 years of hardcore blogging and SEO learning, I am quite happy with the progress I have made.

I have many blogs including several niche blog all are self-hosted WordPress blog to be honest with you guys when I started this blog I started with blogger but I regret that decision because I went I migrated my blog to WordPress some horrible things happened which I am going to share in my future posts. But if you want to make a blog on WordPress then I would highly recommend you to don’t think about few dollars a year and start with the best blogging platform in the world right now which is Self-hosted WordPress blog.

Remember don’t get confused with, it’s similar to free blogging platform like In order to start your self-hosted WordPress blog you need to setup using CMS software and it free.

Don’t worry you don’t need to download any software from anywhere you can easily install Wordpress on Bluehost hosting account using a single click of your mouse.

Why I Recommend Bluehost For your WordPress Blog

It’s not only me thousands of bloggers throughout the World are proudly recommending Bluehost because of its world-class service and customer support.

Let me share the quick benefits and features of Bluehost web hosting

  1. Bluehost has been in the web hosting industry since 2002 and since then everybody is loving the service and customer support it provides to its customers.
  2. You can contact them 24/7/365 via email, live chat support, phone calls, forums, raising ticket and they are very quick to solve all your web hosting problems and issues on the flash.
  3. Bluehost is currently hosting more than 1.6 million domains and still they are the best web hosting companies.
  4. WordPress has officially recommended Bluehost for WordPress hosting.
  5. You are going to get a free domain name with Bluehost otherwise you need to pay extra $10 to $12 dollars to buy a domain name and I think that it’s a great deal for you.
  6. Even after you purchase the Bluehost hosting and for some reason you don’t like (which I highly doubt) then you can get your complete money back within 30 days after purchasing the hosting plan.
  7. What if you purchase for 1-year hosting which I recommend (the reason I will explain below ) then also you can get your money back on pro rata basis and this is where Bluehost cares so much for its customers they really want their customers to be happy.
  8. Starting a WordPress is the best especially if you want to make money with your blog and you will have the complete control over your blog that means you can customize your blog whatever way you want and you can monetize your blog with many different ways.
  9. The Biggest advantage of using WordPress blog is that it gives more professional look to your blog as compared to free or blog. Many big advertisers, advertising networks, and sponsors always look for a professional looking blog and your blog will get approved easily.

Bluehost Servers & Technology

Below is the official video in which you can see how bluehost operates and why it’s the leading web hosing company in the World right now. They power trillions of websites all over the world and you can see how they manage this.

Guys to be really honest Bluehost is the best web hosting right now if you are looking for cheap, reliable and the best web hosting what more you want  you are already getting a free domain name with your hosting package and there is not another hosting company which provides this deal.

I really don’t know the main purpose of starting your blog but I want to tell you that whatsoever is the reason as you blog get popular you can make a full-time income with your blog only. There are many pro bloggers who are making a heck lots of money with their blog. They are making 6 figures income just with their blog only and what the common among all these bloggers are they have also started their blog on WordPress only.

I truly believe that who don’t love passive income if you can make the good amount of money with your WordPress blog then it’s a win-win situation and many are doing it so you can too.

* [Note ]- If you have any question in your mind regarding how to start a blog, setup domain name with hosting, install WordPress on Bluehost then you can just shoot me an email at or you can use this contact formSince I told you that I am going to show you step by step guide for beginners and I would be really glad to help you to setup your new WordPress blog.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost For Beginners Step By Step Guide

Now you are just a few steps away on creating your very own self-hosted Blog on Bluehost so let’s quickly finish this.


1. Register A Domain Name For Your Blog :

Click Here to get your free domain name and continue following the below-mentioned steps to complete the registration process. Make sure that you choose a very descriptive domain name for your WordPress blog, it should be short, precise and clearly describes your blog niche or topic.

This will make your readers to easily recall and type your domain name in their browser so you can get more traffic and readers to your blog. The more readers and traffic you have the more money you can make with your blog.

You can get free domain name with Bluehost if you buy the web hosting package with them you can buy for 12 months package as it is cheaper, affordable and most importantly you can save the good amount of money. If you are beginners then it makes sense to go for 12 months hosting package.

It’s a great deal otherwise, there is no another web hosting company which is providing free domain name with any hosting package and by purchasing the Bluehost web hosting you can grab a 100% free domain name.

I will show you exactly how to get free domain name and web hosting from Bluehost all you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below.

2. Buy Web Hosting For Your Blog :

You need a web hosting to host your WordPress blog and Bluehost is the most recommended service which is promoted by WordPress itself. They have three plans which are mentioned below

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Prime

You can choose any package according to your need but if you are beginners and just started your very first blog then you can go with Basic plan in which you will get 1 free domain name along with the features shown in the below screenshot.

In fact you are going to get a free domain name no matter which plans you buy and I would recommend you to choose Basic plan with 12 months hosting by this not only you will get free domain and save approx $10 to $12 dollars but also you will take away the risk of getting your website expired and losing all your hard work.

Another reason for selecting 12 months hosting is that you will take away the hassle of renewing your plan every month after month and personally I hate this and I usually buy 12 month hosting for all my blogs.

You have nothing to lose here if you want your money back then they have 30 days full money back guarantee and you can anytime request your full money back if you don’t like. So it’s completely safe to try their web hosting and I firmly believe that you will love the services since their servers are highly SEO optimized for faster loading.

Google now ranks and give more priority to fast loading blogs and website and hosting your blog with Bluehost your blog or website will load very fast and thus you will get good ranking and this will ultimately result in more traffic and more money you can make with your blog.

When you are ready to start your WordPress Blog below are the quick steps :

  1. Go to Bluehost and click on “Get Started Now” Button.
  2. Check your package ( 12 months Basic Plan recommended for beginners).
  3. Enter Domain name of your choice ( Free no fees) or enter your previously purchased domain name.
  4. Enter the required information.
  5. On the next step, you will be required to choose the password to make sure to choose a strong password which will be really hard for others to guess. Make use of uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters.

Below are the screenshots of the complete steps :

  1.  Visit Bluehost and click on “Get Started Now button

wordpress blog


2. Now on the next page select the hosting plan for your WordPress blog. We would highly recommend you to go for the basic plan since you are just starting out later when your blog gets more traffic and readership then you can easily upgrade your plan by simply contacting the Bluehost support team and they will assist you with that.


3. Now you need to select the domain name and grab your free domain name as shown below. If you already have the domain name you can type your domain name under I have a domain name section.


4. Now on the next step, you need to enter basic information and payment details. In the package information section you can choose any package plan that suits you.

If you want you can keep the Domain privacy Protection on by which your contact information like phone number and email address will not be seen by public and will be private to you ( Optional)


5. Now just enter the payment details you can enter your credit or debit card details. Also if you use Paypal then you can do the payment with that.

6. Finally, tick the check box and Click on Submit.



Congratulations you have successfully bought a free domain name and web hosting for you WordPress Blog ?

That’s it now you just need to install WordPress on your newly purchase Web hosting from Bluehost which is very quick and easy and I will show you step by step way to do this below.

3. Mapping Your Domain Name With BlueHost Web Hosting :

Note – This step is only required if you have registered your domain name with other registrars like and if you buy Bluehost web hosting then you will automatically get your free domain name mapped and you don’t need to follow this step.

If you have bought a domain name from other registrars then you simply have to change the name servers to point to Bluehost nameservers.

Below are the steps to map your domain name if you bought your domain name with Godaddy and Bluehost Webhosting.

  • All you need to do is change your existing nameservers to point to Bluehost nameservers which look like;

4. How To Install WordPress On BlueHost

Now the final step you all waited for is to install WordPress on Bluehost

  1. Check your email to get your login details and login to your Cpanel. You can use WordPress interactive guide on how to navigate which is located on the right side
  2. After you have logged into your WordPress dashboard scroll down until you find the section called Website below that click on Install WordPress.


3. Select your domain name and wait for some time for the WordPress to get installed.


Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed WordPress on your Bluehost account and you can simply access your blog with the URL – ( Check your email for website access details)

Now you can start writing your first post and introduce yourself to the world. I hope you loved this tutorial about how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost hosting if you have any doubt you are always welcome to ask us via the below comments and we would love to help you in the best possible way we can.

Congrats! You have now successfully installed WordPress on Bluehost now all you need to do start posting quality content on your blog.

Best WordPress Plugins To Install For Your Blog :

Now that you have successfully installed WordPress on Bluehost the next step is to intall important plugins for your blog to make it more powerful and add more functionality to your blog. I  have personally hand picked the best WordPress plugins for you and all the plugins are the most important and must have WordPress plugins for your blog.

I highly recommend you to intall these plugins you can read the post below

Must Read – Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Still Need Help ?

If you still need help then no worries we are here to help you the best, you just have to follow the above-mentioned steps and purchase the hosting plan from this link here and just contact me at or via below contact form and we will setup your blog for free of cost.

You will get full 2-week email support personally from us and we will also install all the necessary plugins and do the full SEO and other blog settings for your blog so that you can start blogging freely.



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