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To rank micro niche sites you have to undertake some strategies and yes there are many benefits to build micro niche sites just because they are not big sites which are tightly focused around a specific niche like how to get rid of acne, how to quit smoking cigarettes which means that the audience which you will have will be specifically wanted to know more about that particular niche and To rank micro niche sites is fairly easy if you do your home work right which involves steps from keyword research to building your niche sites

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I have tried my self to rank a micro niche sites under very high competition and it was doing really very good within short amount of time, I cannot disclose the domain name here but trust me I did even I managed to put my niche sites name in Google autocomplete tool and I made really good money out of it and more money will come in following months So how can one rank their micro niche sites quickly and how to got loads of traffic and make money online easily So in this post I am going to share few tips and strategies which will definitely help you rank your niche sites very quickly

Rank Micro Niche Sites Strategies & Tactics Quickly

1) Keyword research – First and foremost you have to properly do keyword research for your niche sites and this is the building base and set up the foundation for the possibility that you can rank for a particular keyword or set of keywords, you can use free Google adwords tool to get the idea about your main keywords

2) Analyse Traffic- Even though micro niche sites generally are made to target a specific niche audience but then also we must make sure that the keyword which we are targeting much get enough searches per month globally or local to justify our time and efforts

3) Analyse Competition – Analyzing your niche competition is also very important since you don’t want to go after a keyword which is have lots and lots of competition in the market like if you are going to target to keyword ” How to make money online”  then best of luck for ranking on 1 page of Google and am not saying it’s impossible but this niche is having severe competition will all the big websites have acquired the top spots and results So it’s better to go for keyword which have medium to low competition

4) Domain Name – To rank niche sites you must also have to pay close attention to your domain names and you should choose a domain name which has your keywords in it as this will help your niche sites to get some SEO benefits However EMD ( exact match domains) don’t have much impact in terms of SEO what they used to have in the past but it surely helps to have your main keyword in your domain name

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5) EMD or PMD – EMD ( exact match domain ) vs PMD ( partial match domains) which you must choose I think that it doesn’t matter which domain names your prefer as long as you are going to provide the value to the internet users you will not fall prey to Google EMD update but I have seen many bloggers usually are afraid to go along with EMD and they prefer PMD buy adding any suffix or prefix to their domain name but if you ask me then I am going to grab a exact match domain for SEO if it’s available because I know I am able going to provide value to my readers

6) Niche Knowledge – I think here it’s added advantage to have some knowledge about the niche which you are targeting however you an always outsource the content and put on your micro niche website and I have seen blogger who literally don’t know anything about the niche and they succeeded in ranking their websites and surely it’s possible to rank your micro niche sites using this strategy provided you have necessary and required resources to build quality niche sites

7) Site Structure – Make sure that you site structure is good and provides easy navigation for your readers to easily find important pages and sections on your niche sites and Google love sites which are structured well, Make sure that the important pages regarding your niches  are in proper place

8) Building Content –  After you have your niche site structure ready now the time is to build quality content and this is no 1 factor which defines your niche site ranking in search engines So build quality content around your keywords and target other long tail keyword to supplement your main keywords So that you niche sites get more traffic for other long tail keywords in your niche and this will surely boost your trust in Google eyes and you micro niche site will really rank well in Google and other search engines

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9) Building Backlinks – Oh Backlinks! I will definitely be able to build 1000’s of backlinks to my new micro niche sites in 1 week but wait building too many backlinks in short amount of time will surely raise red flag signal in Google eyes and you micro niche sites will get penalized or more worst get banned from Google So better strategy is to build your backlinks slowly and make it look natural, no matter you build 100’s of backlinks is OK but make it look natural and build slowly and this will keep your niche site safe

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10) Exact Match Anchors – I have seen that many newbie bloggers generally use exact match anchors tags strategies to rank their niche sites quickly but until they find that their website god penalized by Google and I have seen this my self trust me, When I build my micro niche sites on the next day I build 10 exact match anchor text tags to point to my website and after few days I found that Google Sandboxed my websites and my websites simply vanished from Google searches but later I recovered from that successfully So keep your anchor text varying

That’s is folks on how to rank micro niche sites and my strategies which I use to rank my nice sites I hope you enjoyed it and if you follow all the above mentioned tips and strategies then surely you will be able to rank your niche sites very quickly in Google, I would love to hear your niche site ranking strategies and tactics via comments and how you are doing with your niche sites, And last but not the least don’t forget to subscribe to get more interesting niche sites ranking strategies and tactics


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