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Many non techie bloggers frequently ask how to put links in blogger comments or how to add links in blogger comments section, well this is not a tough for those who have the knowledge of basic html but for those who don’t know anything about html tags then this post is for them because sometimes if you are reading a blog post and want to leave a comments on other blogger blogs and provide your blog, website link or just to refer them to good resource which you have written on your blogger blog then you have to add anchor tag link in the comment section so that anyone who reads your comments can be send to the redirecting URL

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And there are blogger who simply want to build backlinks to their blog posts or website so they try to put links via comment section as this is the easy way by which you can leave your comments along with the backlink to your blog, However the backlinks which you will get will be nofollow backlinks but if that blog is popular then you can get good referral traffic to your blog.

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Since you cannot add your blog name in the name field of the comments because most bloggers are very strict in this and they want real name to used and also you cannot put the blog post url in the website field in odd case admins will approve them but mostly your comment will be deleted and marked as spam So this is the best way to put your links across to get good refferal traffic flowing

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But if you comment is not adding the value to that blog post then admin of the blog will delete your comments if you try to spam there So always write valuable comments which will be beneficial to their readers and also if the link which you have provided is useful then they will definitely approve your comment So I though that do write this short post for all the my non techie followers who want to know how to put links in blogger comments section

How to Add Links in Blogger Comments

Its very simple you will use the html anchor text to put links in blogger comments and the syntax is as follows
<a href=”Link URL”> Link Anchor Text</a> 
In the above example this is the anchor tag which you will be using to add links in blogger comments section let me explain it quickly
Link URL – This is the URL where visitors will be redirected if they click on that particular link
Anchor Text Link-  This text is clickable text which will be shown in the content or in comment section
Don’f forget to add the opening anchor tag and closing it properly other wise the link will not work  So below is the simple example
<a href=”https://www.bestonlineblog.com”> Blogging Tips and Tricks For Bloggers</a> 
So here the URL link is https://www.bestonlineblog.com and the link anchor text is “Blogging Tips and Tricks For Bloggers” So when visitors will click the anchor text link they will be redirect to https://www.bestonlineblog.com As simple as that you can see the below screenshot for anchor text link in blogger comments

How to add links in blogger comments

Now after writing you comment click on check box and then publish Easy as Pie and now you link will be added in blogger comment section and hope that the admin will approve your comments
So my non techie friends this post was specially dedicated for you and for rest of blogger users who don’t know how to put links in blogger comments section, Keep blogging and subscribe to get more blogger tips and tricks



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