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If you want to know how to make money with buysellads then in this post I am going to share how you can earn more money with buysellads. Buysellads is one of the best direct advertising networks for bloggers and website owners to make money online but getting into buysellads is little difficult as compared to other advertising networds Why because buysellads is one of the premium advertising networks which will not accept low quality sites and the sites which are unprofessional.

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To get accepted in buysellads is like a dream come true because there are many bloggers who are making handsome amount of money with buysellads. I have not applied for buysellads with this blog. However I am having a niche site which got approved by buysellads and the amount of earning is great.  So in this post I am going to share how much money can you make with buysellads and how to earn money with buysellads

How to Make More Money with Buysellads


1) Buysellads is considered as one of the best direct advertising networks for bloggers So it’s every blogger dream to get buysellads approval and if you have a blog or website which is getting very good traffic then buysellads is the right ways to monetize your blog. It a CPM ad network and not CPC ad network So it’s not required for you to get more clicks on ads which is if you are using any CPC ads on your blog or website. You just have to approve the ads and place the banner advertisements on your blog and leave it. And the rest is taken care by buysellads which includes finding advertisers for your blog to making the payments. It’s really a fantastic network to make money online.

2) But there are many bloggers who have just started blogging and don’t receive much traffic but no worries you can apply whenever you feel that you blog is now getting good amount of traffic and have good social network followers. To be honest don’t just apply if you have only 100 to 200 pageviews they are not going to approve your account but try to create more content and get more traffic to your blog then the chances are more that you will be accepted in their network.

3) But don’t lose hope there is no fixed amount of time you can apply for. So if you have been rejected in past it does not mean that you cannot apply in future you can and this is the best thing what I like about buysellads. They don’t really want to demotivate a blogger but it their job to make their marketplace a quality hub for advertisers who are spending lots of money and buysellads wants to give the value to the advertisers for their money.

4) To make money with buysellads you just need to sign up as publisher account and the moderators will take a look at your blog site and if they feel they are having enough advertisers for this niche or find your blog site of great value then  you will get approval. After you get the approval with buysellads you can simply login to your account and fill the basic information about your blog or website.

5) If you are thinking how to place buysellads on your blog or website then you don’t have to worry you just have to place a small piece of code on your blog and it will show all the available advertising spots on your blog. So advertisers can buy your ads via your blog directly or via buysellads marketplace And there is no difference from wherever they buy your ads slots at the end you are going to make the money

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6) After you get approved by buysellads you must select the category in which you want your blog or website to appear then when the advertisers browse through their marketplace they are looking for particular category to place their ads so it’s very important to list your blog in proper category to get more advertising deals and thus make more money with buysellads

7) The ads slots are sold on 30 days basis So an advertiser will buy a ad slot on your blog or website for straight 30 days and there are 2 ways you can make money either on CPM basis or on 30 days fixed price You can choose according to your wish and by which you are comfortable with and the best way is to test and see which method earns you more money

8) You can withdraw the money from buysellads either by paypal, check or by wire transfer. For paypal the minimum thresold is 20$, for check is 50$ and for wire transfer is 500$ and they are very punctual with their payments and I have not heard a single publisher ever complaining that they have not received the money from buysellads as they always make the payments to their publishers on time because if there will be no publishers they will not make the money

9) They give publishers 75% of the revenue and only keep 25% which is fine taking into account that they are doing the toughest job of find new advertisers for your blog and website as well as handling all the payment process smooth

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10)  I have seen many bloggers who are making over 1000$ just with buysellads alone and this is handsome money for any blogger and internet marketer. Even there are many bloggers who I know personally who have quit their full time job after getting approved by buysellads So you can also make good amount of money from buysellads

So friends this was how to make money with buysellads and tell me your views about this fantastic money making advertising network and how much money you are making with buysellads. I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to share and subscribe to know more about how to make money online and make money by blogging! Keep Blogging


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