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Well this question has been asked numerous times specially by beginners how to make money blogging especially if you just have started blogging with brand new blog or even if pro bloggers even though they are earning good money by blogging then also they are curious to know what are other ways to make money with blogging because everyone no matter in what profession you are always want to increase blog income.

Making money online might not look as easy as it sounds and yes to make money online you have to work really hard and find best way to make money online there are many ways through you can earn money online but by far the best and most profitable online business is making money with a blog

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Many people jump into blogging either by getting motivated by looking at other pro bloggers monthly income report or just by reading great articles which says “Earn $1000 in month with a blog”

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Remember making money from blogging is tough in beginning phase but after sometime of doing regular blogging and learning various blogging tips and tricks you will easily know how to make money from blogging

How to Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free


Now lets get into main purpose of this post how to make money blogging for beginners, Well first and foremost to make money from blogging you have to start a blog below are some tips on how to create a successful blog which will give you an idea on how to start blogging

Some Basic and Important Blogging tips for Beginners

1) Pick Right Niche For Blogging- This is very important because the it all starts from great topic for your blog Pick then niche/topic of which you know a lot about and can keep blogging on and on for years

Find a Niche of which you can write a lot about because google loves frequently updated blogs rather than not updated blogs Try to write quality blog posts articles and do some basic SEO of your blog

2) Blogging platform- You can literally start a blog free by using blogger but I would recommend you to go for wordpress self hosted blogs because with wordpress self hosted blog you will have more control over than using free service like blogger Below is a post which will show you which is best blogging platforms

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3) Low Competitive Keywords- Choose keywords which don’t have hugh numbers of competition in search engines it will take long time to be on first page of google which this can be achieved easily with low competitive keywords To find good keywords for your blog post you can use free google adwords keyword planner tool

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4) Never Copy Others- This is big mistakes what beginners do is that they pick the topic of someone else because they think if they are earning $1000/month then I will also earn the same amount but you are absolutely wrong, They are earning money because they are expert in that topic are you also ask yourself this question first

5) Write Quality Content- You must have heard that “Content is King” and not so wrongly said indeed content is king and if you can write quality blog content then chances are you will drive more traffic from Google search because Google loves blog with quality content
6) Frequently Updated Blog- A Frequently updated blog is likely to get higher ranking in Google search engine than a blog which is rarely updated in months so try to do at least 1 to 2 post per week and stick to one particular post frequency It’s OK if you do 1 blog post per week most important is stick to it

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7)Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Writing great quality blog post is great but in order achieve better ranking in Google search results you must learn some basic SEO techniques which will rank your blog post higher in search engine results page

8) Promote Affiliate Products- While it’s easy to make money online by google adsense but real money is in affiliate marketing why? Using google adsense you can earn somewhere about 10 to 15 cents per clicks on average but affiliate marketing can get you big commissions

Now that you have got good idea on how to start blogging and how to do blogging so next step I know you might be curious to know how to make money blogging then I will give you some best blogging tips on how to make money with a blog

How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

Best way to make money from blogging is to use Google adsense especially if you are beginner blogger most bloggers used Google adsense to monetize their blog in early days because it’s very easy to make money by Google adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is CPC advertising program owned by Google It free to use and webmasters or website publishers can earn money by displaying Contextual targeted advertising ads on thier blogs

How to use Google Adsense to make money with a blog?

You don’t have to be a programmer to put Google asense ads on your blog or website Its very simple Google will provide you with some javascript once your adsense account get approved by adsense team

Then you just have to copy and past Google adsense codes wherever you want ads to display Below are some great blog post which I have written previously here at Nice Blogging Tips which will help you to put adsense ads on best places in your blog
Best Ways To Make Money Blogging

Well there are many ways to make money with a blog but as beginner stick to the basic first at least for 6 months because you might have to learn a lot of new things in blogging, First you have to concentrate on building quality blog content and monetize with Google Adsense as most beginner bloggers do in early days

Yes Later when your blog grow and gets decent amount of traffic and subscribers then you can give a try out below mentioned advanced techniques

1) Affiliate Marketing
2) Sponsored Post
3) Blog Consulting Service
4) SEO Service
5) Selling Products
6) Featured Posts
7) Product Reviews

I will explain each of the above mentioned methods to make money by blogging in much detail in few coming days so do come back

How Long It Takes To Make Money Blogging

You might be thinking how long does it take to make money by blogging then there are some blogs which take average of at least 1 year to make decent money online by blogging but I have seen some blogs which are earning handsome money within 6 months but for that too you have to work really hard by continuously doing quality blog posts which are useful to your readers

Some of you might have blog or some might be planning to create a blog because of its earning potential so to create a blog is very simple so stay tuned and I will post a complete post on how to start a wordpress blog

Can I really Make Money Blogging

Believe me that make money online is not easy as you might thinking and not so much difficult that it’s impossible to make money online by blogging Reality is yes you can make money blogging but it will take time, If you are thinking or under the impression that blogging will make me rich overnight then you are absolutely wrong and don’t even think of creating a blog

You have to be dedicated to your blogging strategies you got to have some plans like what want to do with this blog and set goal to reach at that point because a goal without a time limit is not a goal So always set some time limit for your task because this enforces you to take more action to reach your goal to make money blogging

While there are some other factors which decides your blog earning potential for example a blog about how to lose weight has more earning potential then a blog about make money online by blogging because readers who are going to read how to lose weight blog are not tech savvy and don’t know much about google ads or affiliate marketing so chances are they can get you some quick sales or ads clicks with little effort

However on other side visitors to How to make money by blogging blog are aware of google ads and affiliate marketing so chances are less that they will click on your ads or buy products because they are also in the same playground of online internet marketing This is major factor which also decides how long it will take to make money blogging

Many webmasters are creating micro niche websites to earn money online Micro niche sites are mini sites which are more niche targeted as compared to authority blogs which are wide range of topics and categories To know more about Micro niche site read below article

However there are other factor on when your blog will start earning I have seen many blogs which are not monetized for early days this is a biggest mistake of not monetizing blogs form starting Some webmasters think that if they are not having more content on their blog then how will I can earn by displaying ads such as google adsense Even with this blog I did the same mistake of not monetizing my blog from day one

The question “How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging” is vast topic but main key success strategies to make money blogging is

1) Keep writing quality blog content because “Content is King” if you have good quantity as well as quality blog content then you will get more traffic form google search engine and you can get more sales and pillar articles are best in sales conversion as well as they are more capable of higher ranking in search results and generic blog post

2) Have patience it take some time to see money rolling in your bank account

3) Never quit and stay motivated for blogging because at end your hard work will pay off

Literally you cannot say the exact time frame on how long does it take to make money blogging or when your blog will make money but you can predict that if you continuously work hard and keep on learning new things in your niche because you have to stay ahead of your competitors and for this you have to be better then your competitors so for this you have to keep on learning new things on your niche daily

So friends this was how to make money blogging for beginners fast & free and if you really like my money making tips and tricks then don’t forget to share and subscribe. And last but not the least tell me how you are making money with your blog and what are the best ways which are working for you via comment section and I would really love to know! Keep blogging and make lots of money by blogging


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