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A Popular Blog is a blog which receives millions of page views in a single day and earn huge money out of their blogs, well if you having been blogging for sometime and must be thinking how to make a blog popular like Technorati or Like Parishilton is celebrity blog then in this post I am going to share few tips and ways on how to make your blog popular like technorati, mashable etc but let me tell you first for doing this you to work really very hard then and then only you will be able to make your blog popular. Many people say that it is very difficult to compete with them but it’s possible because they were also normal human beings like you and me so why can’t we make our blog popular and famous. You can see all the problogger now like john chow, darren rowse, jeremy shoemaker, patt flynn they all started slowly and see where they are now. So nothing is impossible I think miracles happen and it can happen with you but hard work, passion and dedication is must for success So lets see how and what steps do we need to take to make a blog popular

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How To Make Your Blog Popular

Below post will give you some of the best ways to walk on the same path of success like all big blogs on internet and make your blog popular

1) First find some Blogs on your niche you can Google Blog Search for this purpose

2) Once you find few blogs in your niche then do some analysis of these popular blogs

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How To Make Your Blog Popular

3) What is their niche?

4) What all topics they are covering?

5) How is their blog post writing style?

6) Which posts are receiving more traffic and hits?

7) Do they write more list post or normal paragraph blog posts?

8) What is their Blog posting frequency? like no of posts for a day

9) How they are opening and closing their blog post especially smart bloggers tends to ask their readers to either give a feedback or leave a comment

10) What are frequently asked question by their readers?

11) Make a note of how lengthy posts they write very long or short posts?

12) Are they providing subscription option for their readers either by RSS or Email subscription

13) Where and how are they placing their subscription boxes?

14) Which social media sites they prefer for blog post promotion like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleuupon or Pinterest

15) How they are monetizing their blogs and what are their income sources? Like Google adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Banner Ads, Sponsored posts, Product Reviews or Direct Advertising

16) Which blogging platform they are using? Like WordPress, Blogger or Typepad   However most popular blogs must be using WordPress Software

17) Are they using Aweber software or Feedburner for email Subscription?

18) See where they are placing their ads and affiliate posts and links this will reveal their money making strategies and give you an idea to place ads on your blogs as well

  • Note: Many bloggers spend lot of time doing this kind of research and reading other people blogs take some time out of you blogging and much time developing your own blog
  • Don’t try to copy all same what they are doing because you niche might be different then theirs
  • Take a brief idea and analysis and implement in your blog
  • Success Formula- Solve the problems and queries of your readers and automatically your blog will grow

Well these are surefire 18 ways to make your blog popular like technorati and mashable provided that you maintain a good consistency and frequency of blog posting along with delivering helpful and quality content to your readers, if you want to ask any questions you can ask me and tell me whether it’s possible to be such a popular blog I would love to hear your opinions and Keep blogging



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