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If you are looking for how to get traffic from pinterest or how to get website traffic from pinterest then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share you tips and tricks on how to get pinterest referral traffic to your website or blog, Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites and it’s have grown significantly in recent years

However there are many beginner bloggers who don’t know how to promote their blog with pinterest and get website pinterest traffic and most of these newbie bloggers and website owners are only focusing on getting referral traffic from other social media sites but let me tell you that there are many bloggers who have claimed that pinterest has surpassed the traffic that they get from another social media giant like twitter and yes it’s true you can drive massive more free pinterest traffic to your website with minimal efforts

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Pinterest is a social media site where users can pin their images as well as re pins other images they see on internet which in turns get them more traffic from pinterest So in this post I am going to tell you few effective tips on how to get website traffic from pinterest

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How To Get Website Traffic From Pinterest


1) Profile – Like in my all the other posts in these traffic series I have emphasized to make your profile look more professional and detailed why? because when people will land on your profile they want to know more about the person who is sharing these pins and if you give all the basic information about your self like what you do, what you like, what business you are in then people will be more likely to follow you and this will drive more referral pinterest traffic So when you create your profile take out some time and fill in all the appropriate information about yourself and your website

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2) Pinterest button – I am sure that you must be having other social media sites sharing buttons on your blog site so why not put pinterest pin it button also and this can really get you more traffic from pinterest since people are more attracted to images so when they read your blog post and they like the image you have used on your blog then chances are they will re pin your images into their pinterest account and if they are having lots of followers then you can get website traffic from pinterest instantly which in turn can subscribe to your blog to get more updates about that topic

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3) Be Active – The biggest trick to get traffic from any social media sites is to be active and if you are not then you cannot drive much traffic to your website So they to pin interest images to your pinterest account as well as other bloggers images also and this will greatly influence your followers as they will see that you are here to indeed provide them with value and not only a self promotion creature So be active on pinterest to get more referral traffic, I know it’s hard to concentrate on all the social media sites equally but if you are in products or food niche then you cannot ignore pinterest as this can help you get few hundreds of visitors regularly to your blog by simply pinning interesting images

4) Image Quality – To get website traffic from pinterest you must post high quality images as people love clear images I have seen many newbie bloggers pin low quality images and then complain that pinterest doesn’t work and it’s waste of time to spend time there but pinterest will do it’s job but if you are not doing your job right then how can you blame others so I would recommend to pin only high quality images which are meaningful to your niche or services and I am sure that you can get more pinterest traffic pretty easily

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5) Image Description – As I have said that having good quality images will drive you more traffic from pinterest but you must also give proper description to your images and pins which will help your followers to know what is your image all about and they you click through rate will increase dramatically, Similar to meta description of your website with helps search engines what you website is all about in similar way you image description will give more information to your followers as what you are talking about So don’t just be in hurry to pin images instead write few words description for you pins

6) Follow Followers – I am sure that you might know this trick if not let me explain you, lets say that you have a follower on pinterest who has 5 k followers then you can follow them and what the advantage is that if they will like your pins and re pin them then automatically you pins get exposed to their 5 k followers which in turn can drive massive amount of pinterest traffic also can increase your followers base and this is must follow pinterest tricks

7) Share Infographics – Infographics have become more popular these days and many pro bloggers are using infographic in to build backlinks to their blogs so instead of just sharing images on pinterest try to also share informative infographics as people love infographics and might link back to your blog site for more information about that particular topic

8)  Create Your Pins – As you know that people love original content in similar passion people love original images so try to create you own pins which will drastically get you more re pins, likes, backlinks and comments  And don’t be afraid that if you are not a Photoshop expert to create highly creative images instead you can simply create memes for your images using free online meme generators and I am pretty confident that you can drive more referral traffic from pinterest to your blog site for free

9) Post Teasers – Can you resist yourself from clicking on these title if you see somewhere ” how to drive massive traffic from Facebook in 5 mins” and I probably guess that you want will find it hard to not to click and check out how to get traffic from Facebook in 5 minutes to your blog and you can use the same strategy in pinterest also when you share images try to write title which catch user attention and this can get more traffic to your blog or website from pinterest and if you also know how to write catchy post title then I think that you will do this with ease

10 ) Call To Action – I think that this is the most important strategy that any blogger or website owner cannot ignore they want to make the most of the traffic and exposure they are getting from any sources so post images which imposes the call to action like for example if you are have wrote a blog post on your blog about ” 5 tips to get more sales on autopilot” the post an interesting image on pinterest with call to action on image itself as well as in description and you will be surprised to see how much pinterest traffic to you drive to your blog site for free

So friends this were few tips and tricks on how to get website traffic from pinterest and if you know any other trick to get more referral pinterest traffic then to share below, So if you are struggling to drive website traffic from pinterest then I recommend using these tips and you will definitely see the improvement very quickly, don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks


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