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If you are looking for how to get traffic to your blog fast or how to increase your website traffic for free then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share best tips and tricks on how to get traffic to your blog or website for free, Many beginner bloggers generally find it to drive traffic to their blog site specially when they have just started blogging and they don’t have any ideas and different ways to get traffic to their blog and yes this is a big problem and this is one of the biggest reasons why most blogs fails

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Literally traffic is very important for any successful blog and this is what really motivates any blogger to keep on blogging because we as a blogger spend so much of time in research for the topic and writing blog posts but if we cannot see people coming to our blogs for reading that content then it’s really disappointing

Friends I have been there and really it’s makes us feel that blogging is not working for me and I am not doing the things right  but there are many reasons for this and this is what we are going to see in this post and how to not repeat the same blogging mistakes which most bloggers do, Also many newbie bloggers and website owners frequently ask the following questions in various forums and community site like

how to increase traffic to my blog for free ?

how to increase traffic to my website fast ?

how to get traffic to your blog ?

how to get traffic to my website instantly ?

So these are most common question which are popular amount beginner bloggers and if you also want answers to above questions then don’t worry I will help you sort out all the above mentioned problems and by the end of this post you will successfully be able to drive more traffic to your website or blog for free without any hassle So enough talking now lets dive straight into some of the effective tips tricks and ways to get more to your website or blog instantly

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog OrWebsite For Free & Fast

1)  Quality Content – Yes you read that right Quality content is one of the most important factor which determines how much traffic you can get to your blog site why? because if you content is not of high quality and it’s more of like thin content then you will not be able to increase your website traffic and you will get frustrated that why the hell I am not able to drive more traffic to my blog and this is where quality content is so important and you must focus on writing more quality content

I have seen many bloggers and I am not going to regret that I was also doing this same mistake my self when I was a newbie but later I realized that it’s not going to help me enough So now I do my keyword research properly before even writing single word for my next blog post because you don’t want to just fill your archieve with 1000 of low quality posts which no more is reading instead write good quality content and you can literally drive good amount of traffic to your website for free and fast

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2) Article Length – I think that it’s the part of writing the quality content and if you have done enough of research for your next blog post article then automatically your article will become lengthy but it’s you are in hurry to just publish your blog posts then you might end up producing low quality content

And according to biggest pro blogger most article length which lands on the first page of google is more than 2000 words and you must also try to focus on writing lengthy posts but this does not mean that you increase the length of your blog posts just to make your article look lengthy but you must genuinely provide value to the readers who want’s to know detailed information about the topic you have written

3) SEO – Well friends if you really want to get traffic to your blog through google for free then you must learn basic seo tips and tricks because with good on page and off page seo you and rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines instantly but there are many newbie bloggers who don’t know basic search engine optimization techniques and do many SEO mistakes which hampers their ranking potential in Google So in order to get more traffic to your website through Google you must learn basic SEO tips and tricks which which will help you tremendously

4) Eye Catching Headlines – No matter if you are having best content in your niche but if you are not writing good catchy post titles then you will get less CTR through Google and people will not click more on your blog title to land on your website and I have seen that many bloggers who are using this tactic to increase their blog traffic through Google and other search engines

According to many pro bloggers post title starting with numbers tend to get high CTR so if you are not using this strategy then you can use this tactic straight away to drive more traffic instantly for free So you can write list posts because they naturally catch more attentions and get lots of shares on social media sites and you can get traffic through Facebook

5) Tweet Posts- I have previously written how to get traffic from twitter and yes twitter is one of the most popular social media sites like so whenever you write new articles on your website then don’t forget to share it on twitter and try not to post only your articles but try to post interesting images and videos as well and this will drastically drive immense amount of traffic to your website

6) Sharing Buttons – I know these tips are very basic but many beginner bloggers neglect these small minor tricks and these little little tricks and contribute a lot to increase your blog traffic significantly, if you are using wordpress then there are many plugins you can install like digg digg plugin which will help your visitors and readers to easily share you blog post to various social meda sites like facebook, twitter, google plus and other social bookmarking sites and this will not only boost traffic but also will improve your rankings in Google because the more share and likes your articles will get the more social signals it will acquire and social signals is one of the google ranking factors which you can improve easily

7) Long Tail keywords- I am sure that you must have heard about long tail keywords if not then let me explain long tail keywords are keyword phrases which are more than 3 words and I recommend you to target more long tail keywords because they are easy to rank as compared to head keywords ( short tail keywords)

If you have just started blogging then this is great way to get traffic to your blog as you can rank your blog posts higher in Google and at the same time according to various research and case studies long tail keywords are capable to get more conversion and sales So targeting long tail keywords is great way give more exposure to your blog since you can rank easily for these keywords

8) Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is another great way to get traffic to your blog even though guest blogging as been in controversy for link building but if you are doing it in right way then you don’t have to worry about anything and try to do guest blogging on popular blog in your niches by this way you will not only get traffic through guest blogging but also you can get high quality backlinks So if you haven’t starting doing guest blogging then I would recommend you do start doing few guest posts on big blogs in your niche to get more readers and put yourself as expertise in front of their readers

Below is a video matt cutts discussing about guest blogging

9) Email Marketing –  How many times you have heard this term ” Build you email list from day 1″ and I guess that many times because it’s important and if you have large email subscribers then you can drive them to your blog whenever you publish new articles but sending an email, Email marketing is great both in terms of boosting website traffic but also getting more sales, promotion and conversions

If you don’t believe me then visit any popular blog in your niche and I am sure that they must be having opt in or subscription box on their blog home page to capture email of their readers why? because these readers are not one time readers who just come to your website, read the content and move away these are loyal readers which are genuinely interested in your articles and no matter that you are not getting any traffic from any other sources but your blog subscribers will definitely come to your blog So I would recommend you to start building your email list and there are many free and paid email marketing services like mailchimp, maid mimi which are free and aweber which is paid one So you can choose according to your budget

10) Facebook – Earlier I have written how to get traffic to website through Facebook and Facebook is right now the number one social networking sites and many bloggers are using Facebook to promote their new blog posts and articles, no matter in which niche you are in you can find audience in every topic so starting creating more friends, participating in groups and communities to instant results

11) Blog Commenting –  Blog commenting is one of the simplest ways to get traffic to your blog and it’s will hardly take few minutes to drop a good comment but I have seen bloggers who are just do blog commenting to put link to their websites but they don’t know that blog owners hate spamming and they will simply delete you comment if it’s not adding any value to their post and readers So whenever you find any interesting article don’t forget to write meaningful comments and this will get traffic to your blog instantly

Whenever I read any blog posts no matter they are commentluv enabled blogs or not I try to post a valuable comments and I don’t care I will benefit from this or not I simply want to add valuable comments and most of the time I get good amount of referral traffic from their website

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12) Evergreen Content – Well these is the biggest secret to keep traffic coming back to your blog for years and years, Evergreen content are best and they are not time dependent say for example an article like ” best new year gifts that your friends will love” is not evergreen content as you will get limited traffic whenever new year arrives and rest of the year you will not be able to get traffic to your blog from these kind of post while if you write evergreen content like ” how to lose weight” then these are the sort of content which are searched throughout the year and are not time restricted  So try to produce more evergreen content and so the continues flow of traffic effortlessly

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So friends these are the best tips and tricks on how to get traffic your blog or website for free fast and don’t forget to tell me how you are getting traffic to your website below as I am always eager to learn new traffic building tips and tricks and also don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more such awesome and fantastic blogging tips and tricks! Enjoy



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