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If you are wondering how to get traffic from Facebook or how to get traffic to your blog site from Facebook then here in this post I am going to share best tips and tricks to get traffic from Facebook, Facebook is one of biggest social media sites on the internet and there is no one in this planet

Who don’t know what is Facebook no matter they are literate or illiterate they must have heard the name of Facebook because of its popularity worldwide So why not use Facebook to get traffic to your blog or website and with very littler effort you can see dramatic improvement in your website traffic

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Also many beginner bloggers and website owners don’t leverage the potential of Facebook to drive traffic to their blog sites but there are many pro bloggers who are getting massive amount of traffic from Facebook and other social media sites

There are already big companies who have used Facebook to generate lots of traffic and not only traffic they are able to get more sales, new customers, better conversion from Facebook So if you are struggling to get traffic to your blog or website then it’s the time to diversify your traffic sources and Facebook is one of the biggest and easiest source of instant traffic

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Recently one of my online friend asked me this question that how to get traffic from Facebook and he was very keen to know how to drive traffic to his blog site from Facebook So I decided to write this post

How To Get Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog / Website


1) Facebook profile – Your Facebook profile is the first thing your readers and fans going to see so don’t just be in hurry to skip filling the details about yourself as people want to connect with people not with just a website

So try to make your Facebook profile more interesting for your readers as well as write what you love, what you do, things which you are interested in what I mean here is to create a personal persona with your blog readers and this will definitely make you stand out from the crowd

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2)  Facebook Photo – Have you ever seen any pro bloggers and big celebrities using pics of other people! then you must also use your original pic on your profile I have seen many people who are using pics of celebs or other famous personalities but this is not going to help you cannot take casual approach,

You are doing real business here and no just to get more friends and likes So make sure you have good profile pic for your Facebook profile

3) Facebook Page – Unlike Facebook personal profile you can create Facebook page for your blog or website which will definitely help you to get more traffic from Facebook, Just make sure to use your blog or website name as well as a link to your website which will drive good amount of traffic to your blog site

Include a nice cover image about your blog or website and this will definitely make your Facebook page look awesome

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4) Share Blog posts – If you want to get traffic from Facebook then you must share your blog posts regularly on Facebook and this will notify your Facebook fans that you have new content on your blog site which they can visit and this is one of the best ways to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog site

As soon as you hit the publish button your very next step should be to share it on Facebook and other social media sites and believe me if you are having good number of Facebook friends and fans then definitely you can drive decent amount of traffic to your website for free

5) Regular Participation – If you want to get traffic from Facebook then you must engage with your Facebook audience regularly and not only just when you publish new article on your blog or website as this will show that you are really here to build solid readership and connections which will immensely increase your trust factors with your Facebook audience

So if you haven’t posted on your blog for a while it’s OK but do send update or small information what is happening in your niche and this will keep your fans interested and they will regularly visit your website

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6) Share Images – On Facebook you will find more likes and shares on images so why not use this strategy to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog site, Whenever you find any interesting image or photo which closely relates to your niche you must share it on Facebook so that you will get more likes and shares which in turn can drive lots of free traffic to your website

7) Ask Questions – This is one of the best ways to get traffic from Facebook is to ask industry related relevant questions to your Facebook fans and audience and they will be keen to answers your questions or will start a discussion about it for example if you are in SEO niche you can ask question like: How to SEO optimize a blog post then see how many replies you will get go try it now it really works friends

8) Start Facebook Groups – Apart from Facebook pages there are many groups on Facebook which you can join which are relevant to your niche or simply create you own Facebook group which is free and start sharing your blog posts and engaging with your group members, This is the strategy which many pro bloggers are using to drive immense amount of traffic to their website from Facebook

9) Build network – I am sure that you must have other people in your niche so try to build relationship with them by sharing their articles on your Facebook page and liking their content and this will replicate and you will also get the credit for doing this

Remember that if you are in internet marketing world then you must abide to the rule of Give and take, So start looking for other bloggers and website owners in your niche and connect with them

10) Facebook Ads – I am sure that you must be aware of Google adwords and if you have a business then you must have used google adwords to drive traffic to your blog or website then similar to this Facebook is also having advertising feature which you can use to get traffic to your website

So if you haven’t use Facebook ads then give it a try and you can definitely see good traffic flow from Facebook to your blog site for sure

So friends this was how to get traffic from Facebook, if you like this post please share and don’t forget to tell me how you are driving traffic from Facebook to your website or blog, If you are a newbie blogger or website owner and want to increase traffic from Facebook then you must follow all the above mentioned tips and I am sure that you will see dramatic increase in your blog site traffic very quickly! Enjoy


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